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Editorial: Is Ibadan so dominant that you must conform to its style if you want to succeed in it?

Why are the mighty falling in Ibadan? Why are tested, trusted and proven brands failing in Ibadan? Is Ibadan stylishly hostile to strangers? Is Ibadan so conservative that it naturally abhors a different style? Are there gate keepers that are silently frustrating “outsiders”? Is Ibadan so peculiar that it cannot

Olusola Alabi: Open Letter to General Managers of Radio & TV Stations

Dear Sir/Madam, I hope this message finds you well. I extend my gratitude for consistently delivering excellence and commendable work in your respective stations. I urge you to recognize an essential aspect: your staff are not merely employees but the very essence of your station’s daily operations. They are not

Radio Unveils Family Ties: OAPs in Ibadan You Never Knew Were Blood Relatives (Updated)

By Israel Babalola In the vibrant world of Ibadan radio, where voices weave tales and melodies paint emotions, the familial bonds often hidden behind the microphone remain a mystery to many. Primus Media City, in its quest to unravel the captivating narratives of Ibadan’s On-Air Personalities (OAPs), has unearthed a

General Managers of Ibadan Radio Stations Under the age of 40

In the ever-evolving landscape of Ibadan radio broadcasting, a new generation is reshaping the industry’s narrative. The days when the role of a General Manager was exclusively reserved for aged practitioners with donkey years of experience is long gone. Ibadan, a city steeped in cultural richness, now boasts of General


INTERVIEW: …I might be posting a call to bar photo soon – Ayo Emmanuel-Ojo 

[ Ayo Emmanuel-Ojo currently serves as the Head of Programmes at the recently established Wellsradio 89.3 FM in Ibadan. With a wealth of experience in the media industry, he shared

Interview: I am a singer, song writer and a church girl… – Toyosi Olosunde

Meet Toyosi Olosunde, a brilliant radio host on Splash 105.5 FM Ibadan, who stands out among the young talents in her field. Renowned for her captivating presence on the red

INTERVIEW: Seun Owoseeni to Host Worship Concert 2.0: A Divine Celebration of God’s Goodness

Seun Owoseeni, the familiar voice of Yes FM, is gearing up to host Worship Concert 2.0 on Sunday, November 26, 2023. Under the theme “Good God,” this upcoming event promises


Afouda Samuel: My Regret in 13 Years on Radio!

13 years ago, all I wanted was to be famous. I just wanted to be popular speaking on Radio. Then on that fateful day, I got the chance to speak on radio and I seized it thankfully with all of my being. I cherish the God given opportunity, handed over

Arugboboisi and Elere-oba Holds Ibikunle Twins Live-in Concert

The reputable radio twins, Samuel Arugboboisi of Jamz 100.1 FM and Emmanuel Elere-oba of 32FM 94.9 Ibadan are set to hold a mind blowing concert where radio presenters, radio lovers and other celebrities in the nooks and crannies of the city, and South West in general, will meet and greet

How 2 Fresh FM OAPs got married in less than a month apart!

By Israel Babalola It is a new dawn for two of exceptional voices on Ibadan Radio, as the pretty Ibadan based English radio personalities experienced a monumental shift in marital status within few weeks apart. Setting up a wedding programme in a grand style with the peculiarities of these days

Virtually But Grandly, SMPN Celebrates It’s Maiden Award Nite

On Saturday, 9th of January, 2021, Student Media Personalities of Nigeria (SMPN) held the maiden edition of her annual Award tagged SMPN AWARD NITE 2020 to celebrate outstanding and amazing members with remarkable effort towards the growth of the organization. In a statement released by the Convener, Mr. Anthony Dimnwaka