Pep FM Ibadan Denies Shutdown, Undergoes Technical Upgrade

Ademola Sanyaolu, General Manager of Pep 100.3 FM Ibadan, has refuted claims circulating online that the radio station has shut down. In a statement made available to Primus Media, Sanyaolu assured listeners that Prep FM is undergoing a technical upgrade and will be back on air soon.

Sanyaolu condemned the spread of misinformation, urging some online platforms to prioritize verification before publishing news. He emphasized the importance of balanced and unbiased reporting, criticizing the rush to “break news” at the expense of accuracy.

“The ethics of journalism lie in balanced and unbiased reportage,” Sanyaolu said. “Failing to conduct background checks in the pursuit of being ‘first’ undermines the entire profession. This is not journalism; it’s quackery.”

Sanyaolu denounced the platform that spread the false information, calling their practices “junk journalism” and “quackery.” He urged online platforms to prioritize responsible reporting and contribute to the dissemination of accurate information, entertainment, and education.

The station’s temporary absence from the airwaves according to Sanyaolu,is due to technical upgrades aimed at improving broadcast quality and listener experience.

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