INTERVIEW: …I might be posting a call to bar photo soon – Ayo Emmanuel-Ojo 


Ayo Emmanuel-Ojo currently serves as the Head of Programmes at the recently established Wellsradio 89.3 FM in Ibadan.

With a wealth of experience in the media industry, he shared insights into his journey and contributions to Ibadan’s media landscape during a conversation with Temitope Akinkuolie of Primus Media.

Read the complete interview below.


Can we meet you sir? Kindly take us through your growing up and educational background sir?


My name is Ayodeji Emmanuel Ojo, now known as Ayo’ Emmanuel-Ojo, popularly called Ayo’ Emmanuel. I’m a Nigerian from Ekiti State, though born in Ibadan and raised there. I’m the only son of my parents. I’m both an introvert and an extrovert; mastering being an extrovert when necessary. Family is paramount to me; I cherish my wife and children dearly.

My primary education was at West Prime Model School, located at 58 Awolowo Avenue, Bodija, Ibadan, and I attended Sacred Heart College, located at Akinyemi Way, Ring Road, Ibadan( An all Boys school at the time) , for my secondary education.

I later studied English and Literature at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State. Despite intending to study abroad, fate led me to OOU… long story


We would love to know how you started your media career?

My career began early as a voiceover artist, even before venturing into television. This passion ignited during a school trip to Radio Nigeria, Ibadan(Primary school), where I fell in love with the craft. Straight out of secondary school, I pursued voiceover work, transitioning into radio and eventually television.


Can you tell us your most embarrassing moment on this job?


I worked with Bronze FM Benin, a pivotal learning experience. A memorable yet embarrassing moment came from a stint, involving post-mortem.


What values do you believe are crucial for success in the broadcasting industry?

My core values include discipline, service, patience, commitment, and nurturing meaningful connections.


Can you share with us your challenges and lessons on your new role as the Head of Programmes of Wells FM?

Wellsradio 89.3fm prioritizes wholesome content, aiming to sanitize the airwaves amidst the prevalence of unsuitable songs and content. Despite challenges, we strive daily to select appropriate music for our audience. The competitive and sometimes toxic nature of the media industry has taught me invaluable lessons, emphasizing individual growth over comparison.


If not media, what would have been your chosen profession?

While my passion lies in media, I aspire to pursue law in the future. I might be posting a call to bar photo soon .


Who is Ayo-Emmanuel outside media?

Beyond media, I am deeply invested in my family and business endeavors. Alongside my wife, I co-run IB Private Tutors, offering English proficiency test solutions for immigration purposes. I also manage Green Spirit Media, specializing in media buying, consulting, and advertising. Outside of work, I engage in real estate ventures, leveraging digital platforms like YouTube for buying and selling properties.


  1. What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to be a media practitioner?

My advice to aspiring individuals is to prioritize self-development, avoid succumbing to industry pressures, and diversify skills to ensure long-term success. Furthermore, steering clear of sexual immorality is crucial for maintaining both personal integrity and career longevity.

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