Radio Station Mocks Caller, Sparks Debate on Professionalism

A recent incident involving Adamimogo 105.1 FM has left many questioning the standards upheld by media organizations.

The caller reportedly requested a song by Wizkid and Olamide titled “Holla at your Boy,” but misspoke and said “Wizkid Alajo bo.” Akintola Omobolaji Florence argues that the station’s staff acted unprofessionally by recording a video mocking the caller and posting it on social media.

Florence believes this discourages listeners from calling in for fear of being ridiculed and argues that the station should have “lovingly corrected” the caller’s mistake. They question the management’s approval of the video and lament the decline of professionalism in the media industry.

Furthermore, there are fears that this incident may deter future callers from participating in radio shows, out of fear of being ridiculed or mocked. This not only stifles audience engagement but also erodes the fundamental principles of journalism and media ethics.

Her statement reads:

“Oh Ye Radio Stations, Where is thy professionalism?

It’s so saddening that professionalism is nowhere to be found in our industry (Media).

The least expected of a media organisation (Radio and Television) to do is mock its callers due to an error committed. We are looked upon to correct ‘lovingly’ where necessary, not cease any opportunity to ridicule them.

This is pure unintelligent and unexpected of the staff of a media organisation.

I don’t want to believe the Management of this organisation gave its consent to fly this on social media.

This is an eyesore really. *sighs*


Okay, let me hint you on what happened that prompted my reaction to this video.

A caller called in on one of Adamimogo 105.1 FM ‘s shows and requested that a song by Wizkid and Olamide be played for him. The song title is “Holla at your Boy” but the caller, who obviously don’t know the correct title said, “Please play me Wizkid Alajo bo” (you can see the video below ).

Yes, it sounds funny and will definitely trigger some laughter but the staff of this media organisation, perhaps because they want to “chase some clout’ on social media, recorded a video to mock their caller who they were supposed to lovingly correct, and went as far as posting it on their Facebook page for the whole wide world to join in, in their mockery.

This is where professionalism got lost! It is unfair and unprofessionalism for you to mock or ridicule your caller. You didn’t even do it amongst yourselves, you had a video recorded and posted it on Facebook. Chai! What an eyesore!

Should you not know, that caller may not call again on that show or even on any show whatsoever aired on your radio station.

Other callers who may see that video on your Facebook page, may be very careful anytime they call in on a show like that or other shows. They may even refrain from calling in on any programme for fear of mocking them like this caller you just ‘intentionally’ ridiculed just because he loves your radio station so much that he used his phone card to call in, to contribute on the show.

The management too…*sighs* It’s so unfortunate they (perhaps) consented to it to have it posted on your Facebook.

Nowadays, it’s really a pity that professionalism and media industry are no longer 5&6. 

It is well!!!


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