NBC Calls for Professional News Delivery in Broadcast Reviews

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) in Ibadan, capital of Oyo State has raised concerns over the unprofessional handling of newspaper content by some broadcast stations during their review segments.

Monitoring reports have indicated a disturbing trend where presenters trivialize serious national issues and personalities, often resorting to unguided statements and personal opinions while on air. This behavior not only distorts the original intent of the program but also violates the principle of objectivity in broadcast journalism.

Citing relevant sections of broadcasting regulations, the NBC emphasized the need for transparency and adherence to ethical standards in journalism. Section 3.2.1 underscores the importance of clarity in program objectives throughout production and presentation, while Section 5.1.12 mandates that news and current affairs programs must uphold ethical journalism standards.

Moreover, Section 5.1.14 cautions against the use of morbid, gory, or sensational details that are not essential to conveying the essence of the subject being reported. Similarly, Section 5.1.16 explicitly prohibits the simulation of news, emphasizing the importance of factual reporting.

Newspaper review is a vital broadcast genre aimed at informing the public, and as such, it should be handled with professionalism and integrity. Broadcast stations are urged to cooperate with the NBC in ensuring that the airwaves are sanitized and that journalistic standards are upheld.

In a statement issued by Sunday Omõge, Zonal Director of the NBC Ibadan Zonal office, dated April 8, broadcasters are reminded of their responsibility to deliver news content responsibly and in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

The NBC’s call for improved professionalism in handling newspaper content underscores the importance of maintaining journalistic integrity and upholding the public’s right to accurate and unbiased information.

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