Ace Broadcaster, Lawrence Olisa Appointed General Manager of SEAP 89.1 FM, Okeho

Ace broadcaster, Lawrence Olisa has been appointed as the General Manager of SEAP 89.1 FM in Okeho of Oyo State.

The seasoned radio professional formally disclosed his move to Primus Media today, revealing that he has resigned from his positions at Impact Business Radio Amutajero (IBR) and IATV Ibadan as SA to the Chairman.

Following extensive discussions with the Advisory Board of the newly established radio station and careful consideration, Olisa was offered the position, effective from March 12, 2024.

The terms and conditions of his employment highlight the confidence the Board has in Olisa’s abilities to lead SEAP 89.1 FM, Okeho into era of broadcasting excellence.

This transition marks a noteworthy moment in Olisa’s career, bringing his managerial experiences to SEAP FM in Okeho promising an exciting chapter for both the station and its listeners.

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