Serge Noujaim Unveils Kids FM 101.7 Lagos: A Radio Station Dedicated to Children’s Education, Entertainment

In another mind-blowing development for Nigeria’s media landscape, Serge Noujaim, the visionary founder of Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigeria Info, and Arewa Radio, has unveiled his latest venture: Kids FM 101.7 Lagos.

Breaking new ground once again, Kids FM marks the country’s first dedicated children’s radio station, aiming to inspire and empower young minds while supporting parents in their journey of nurturing the next generation.

Since its inception in 1998, Cool FM has been synonymous with revolutionizing radio through its unique blend of music and lifestyle content. In 2007, Noujaim’s Wazobia FM made history by becoming Nigeria’s first radio station to broadcast entirely in Pidgin, followed by Nigeria Info in 2011, setting another industry standards in talk radio and sports coverage. In 2016, Arewa Radio broke barriers by offering 24-hour broadcasting exclusively in Hausa.

Now, with the launch of Kids FM 101.7 Lagos, Noujaim and his team are poised to revolutionize children’s media in Nigeria. According to him, the station’s mission is clear: to inspire children, empower parents, and unlock the full potential of families across Lagos.

“Kids FM represents our ongoing commitment to the families of Lagos,” stated Serge Noujaim. “We envision a platform where learning and entertainment converge, creating a nurturing environment for children to thrive and for parents to find support in the beautiful journey of raising the next generation.”

Kids FM promises to offer a diverse range of programming tailored specifically to children’s interests and developmental needs. From educational content designed to enhance literacy and numeracy skills to entertaining segments featuring storytelling, music, and interactive games, the station aims to captivate young audiences while fostering their intellectual and emotional growth.

Also, Kids FM will serve as a valuable resource for parents, providing expert advice on child-rearing, health, and education. Through engaging discussions, interviews with child development specialists, and community-focused initiatives, the station aims to empower parents with the knowledge and support they need to navigate the challenges of parenthood.

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