General Managers of Ibadan Radio Stations Under the age of 40

In the ever-evolving landscape of Ibadan radio broadcasting, a new generation is reshaping the industry’s narrative. The days when the role of a General Manager was exclusively reserved for aged practitioners with donkey years of experience is long gone.

Ibadan, a city steeped in cultural richness, now boasts of General Managers all under the age of 40, whose meteoric rise to success is rewriting the playbook.

The success of these young leaders is evident in the thriving state of their respective stations. What makes their achievement even more remarkable is that a significant number of them are not just under 40 but even below 30, demonstrating an unprecedented wave of youthful vigor and innovation.

Tunde Olawuwo – Splash FM/Lagelu FM

Tunde Olawuwo, well known as “Alex Ferguson” embodies the epitome of growth within the industry. His journey from the early days to the leadership role at Splash FM and Lagelu FM serves as an inspiring testament to the possibilities that lie within the radio spectrum. Tunde Olawuwo has proven to be a vibrant young mind with sound intellectual capacity, understanding the media industry and leading one of the top radio stations in the Southwest part of Nigeria, and Nigeria as a whole.

Samuel Akintan – 32FM

Samuel Akintan, is steering the ship with a vision that goes beyond traditional radio boundaries. His strategic approach and understanding of the audience have positioned 32FM as a formidable force in Ibadan. He was the Head of Programmes and now the station manager with good track records making 32fm one of the leading stations in the industry.

Yousuph Adebayo Grey – Agidigbo FM

Yousuph Adebayo Grey has carved a niche for himself at Agidigbo FM, captivating audience with good indigenous content. Despite his youthfulness, his leadership has propelled Agidigbo FM into the spotlight, as the leading radio station in Ibadan according to the MPS ratings, proving that age is no barrier to success.

Juliet Tontoye – R2 FM

Juliet Tontoye, known as “Tena”, the new force behind R2 FM is on her way to transforming the station into a dynamic platform that resonates with the younger demographic. She has been a part of the management team for well over two years now, so she knows what it takes to lead such a youthful team.

Icon Stephen Adedigba – Omoluabi FM

Icon Stephen Adedigba has become synonymous with success as he comes into the scene as Omoluabi FM manager, a recently established radio station in the Brown roof City of Ibadan. In their little time, the station has demonstrated potentials for greatness and sustainability. Hopefully the young manager will bring in his A-game to the station.

Kenny Ogunmiloro – Blast FM

Kenny Ogunmiloro’s journey with Blast FM shows the urban energy and intellect in him. Under his guidance as the recently emerged station Manager, Blast FM has become attractive to the youth and urban audience, solidifying its presence as a contemporary force in the industry.

Victor Ogundeji – Lead Radio

The young Victor Ogundeji has taken the reins at Lead Radio, steering the station with a fresh perspective. His recent emergence shows the impressive form of young minds becoming Stakeholders in the radio industry of the city.

These General Managers, all under 40, are not just defying age norms but are shaping the future of radio in Ibadan and in Nigeria as a whole.

Their stories are a step to the transformative power of passion, innovation, and a commitment to pushing boundaries, proving that the future of radio is in capable and dynamic hands. Congratulations to the fathers and mothers for witnessing this paradigm shift in their lifetime, and a big kudos to the Chairmen of stations who believed and entrusted these great minds with such a great responsibility.

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