INTERVIEW: Seun Owoseeni to Host Worship Concert 2.0: A Divine Celebration of God’s Goodness

Seun Owoseeni, the familiar voice of Yes FM, is gearing up to host Worship Concert 2.0 on Sunday, November 26, 2023. Under the theme “Good God,” this upcoming event promises a spiritual experience like no other, set to take place at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Victory Assembly, Felele Rab, Challenge Ibadan.

The concert boasts an extraordinary lineup of talented gospel ministers who will grace the stage, using their voices to inspire attendees to lift their hearts and voices in worship. The scheduled artists for this spiritually uplifting event include Minister Modupe Olubeko, Minister Glory Bassey, and Minister Chibuzor Ebulu, with the event expertly anchored by Victor Ake.

Seun Owoseeni, the Head of News at 101.7 YES FM Ibadan, has been a figure in the broadcasting space. He recently shared insights about his journey with Temitope Akinkuolie of Primus Media in an exclusive interview. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Seun Owoseeni’s story, his passion for radio, gospel music, and his dedication to spreading the message of faith. Enjoy his candid chat with us as we anticipate the divine Worship Concert 2.0.

Could we have the pleasure to meeting you sir?

My name is Seun Owoseeni, a gospel music minister, broadcaster,editor,compere,and everything media to the glory of God.

Growing Up and Educational Journey

Not a special experience anyways, Seun Owoseeni like many other children grew up in Akure, born to the family of Rev and Deaconess Rufus Olatunji Owoseeni. I was involved in the ministry of my father and mentor from birth. I attended Aunty Titi nursery and primary school Akure, where l became the head boy after which l went for my secondary education at Messiah High school Akure and later went to Oyemekun grammar school Akure to complete my secondary education.

I proceeded to the Obafemi Awolowo university OAU Ile Ife, Adeyemi college of education Chapter to study English education. I graduated in the year 2012, then went for the one year mandatory service ( NYSC).

After service, l learnt the rudiments of broadcasting at the ogun state broadcasting Corporation OGBC Abeokuta,where l began my broadacst journey.

When and how did Seun Owoseeni’s passion for radio emerge?

Yes, it all began in the university,l was heading the radio arm of the school called Arbico FM.Then, l discovered l could talk and l enjoyed it. so l said to myself, l love this thing.

Challenges Encountered on the Journey

Quite a number of challenges, learning under some bosses can be very challenging.l wasn’t Lucky to train under those that would possibly rub or pat my back . Also, there was the challenge of acceptability that is, accepting who l am.

As an active socio-political radio presenter, what’s the correlation with music, and why gospel music?

Good question.Well,music for me runs in the family. Aside that, there’s a call of God on me to do gospel music. It is my purpose and why I am living. Fortunately, media and music are related, so it’s fine..laughs.

Albums and Tracks

l have never produced or wax any record . My mandate is simply to bring God’s people together to worship Him.l noticed that we do much of asking in the church and that’s not God’s intention.

What’s the inspiration behind the ‘Good God’ worship concert, and what can attendees anticipate on that special day?

Simple, God has been good to me . He saved my wife from a heart disease that could have killed her. I have seen His hand in all areas of my life. Attendees have the opportunity to worship God in a different dimension,they should anticipate the presence of God and of course solutions to their challenges.

Five Facts About Seun Owoseeni

laughs……I am inquisitive,playful especially when l have the time. I love to interact with people and solve their problems. Some persons don’t know l dance very well.

Advice for Aspiring Media Practitioners

Aspiring media practitioners should endeavor to learn very well,be patient, shouldn’t cut corners.They should be humble and read well,be up to date.

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