Olusola Alabi: Open Letter to General Managers of Radio & TV Stations

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope this message finds you well. I extend my gratitude for consistently delivering excellence and commendable work in your respective stations.

I urge you to recognize an essential aspect: your staff are not merely employees but the very essence of your station’s daily operations. They are not under your authority to the extent of inhibiting their autonomy.

As a General Manager or Chief Executive Officer, it is imperative to acknowledge that your staff have the right to make decisions regarding their lives and careers. Preventing them from leaving the station is both unjust and detrimental.

Numerous instances have surfaced where GMs, COOs, and CEOs have publicly humiliated staff for tendering resignation letters or have created hostile environments upon learning of an impending departure.

The broadcasting landscape has evolved, and such antiquated practices have no place in our industry. Consider if you were subjected to similar treatment in your earlier roles; would you have progressed in your career?

Scheming against former employees is not only unethical but also short-sighted. It is crucial to remember that someone you undermine today could potentially influence your career trajectory tomorrow.

A career in the media is not a matter of life and death. Individuals have the right to resign at any juncture without fear of retribution or embarrassment.

In our actions, let us not overlook the enduring impact of our behavior. Damage to one’s reputation and dignity is not easily forgotten or forgiven.

Respect the integrity of your organization and safeguard your own reputation. Do not hinder or humiliate staff seeking to depart from your media establishment.


Olusola Alabi 
Oke’sa, Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria

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