Afouda Samuel: My Regret in 13 Years on Radio!

13 years ago, all I wanted was to be famous. I just wanted to be popular speaking on Radio. Then on that fateful day, I got the chance to speak on radio and I seized it thankfully with all of my being. I cherish the God given opportunity, handed over to me by Mr. Pekun Oloyede (DJ Flexxy B).

I promised to share my regrets, not for sharing sake, but so that many young Practitioners or aspiring Practitioners might learn one or two things, especially those looking up to me in many ways.

I was like the converted democrat, I wanted it desperately but I don’t know what to make of it. I had no plans, I was just willing to talk on radio, I wanted to say anything, anywhere at anytime to whoever. The blankness of my desire helped me a whole lot but after it got me in, it led me nowhere.

My time at Space FM was legendary. Luckily for me there were not too many radio stations in Ibadan then, so attention of the city was not as divided as it is today. I ruled and reigned the airwaves of Ibadan city by 6:30pm every day for almost 2 years. I had no competition at all.

The major regret I have today is that apart from the name I made, the reputation I built and some meaningful friendships, I did not make any phenomenal impact with all the fame, love and goodwill I had then. I did not even earn a decent living or lived a good life. Recently, I looked back at those days and it dawned on me that I slept on a goldmine, I wasted a golden opportunity, and I mismanaged great resources. I treated my life on radio as the end itself, rather than the means to an end that it should be.

Thankfully, welfare of staff was not a priority where I was, so needs, wants and lack forced me to dream further, but still my dream was to get on another platform where I will get all the goodies of life by just living my dream on radio. I had no real goals!

On getting to Lagelu FM, I got a far better pay, I had a far better life, but by then the proliferation of stations have started, the competition was more intense, coupled with the fact that I had internal battles that almost killed my personal brand (full gist of this in my latest book, RADIO-ACTIVE).

Amidst all these distractions, I still had no real goals, however I did something remarkable and commendable towards the end of my 2 years contract at Lagelu, that was my Hunger initiative (Afo-Hi). The inspired project gave me the taste of what it feels like to have a goal and a purpose.

It was around that time I had a chance of meeting with a colleague, a friend, a brother and someone who I personally consider a Messiah, Santi Femi, better known as Awatibadan. I explained my journey and the feeling I got from Afo-Hi, then he helped me put all in prosper perspective. He helped me define my brand and my brand essence, after my 9th year on radio.

If you ask me, I will tell you my career began when I joined 32fm on the 16th of October, 2017. It was then I started to have a sense of direction, a goal and a purpose for being on radio.

Today I am grateful for all I’ve accomplished over the last 13 years, most especially in the last 4 years, but then, I cannot help but regret those years and opportunities that I had lost to ignorance. I wish I had known half of what I know today those years, maybe, just maybe…

But then, it is better late than never!

I’ve been magnanimous to Document my journey and my lessons in my latest book, RADIO-ACTIVE, and it will be of great benefits to anyone in the industry. Especially those who are presently making my mistakes, I wish there was a book like this for me to read back then, maybe, just maybe…

The book is on sale at 50% discount rate from now till Wednesday, avail yourself and your loved ones a copy!

I will be holding a live interactive sessions on Instagram by 8pm tonight to answer questions about the book and any other questions you may have for me.

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Happy Anniversary to me!

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