Interview: I am a singer, song writer and a church girl… – Toyosi Olosunde

Meet Toyosi Olosunde, a brilliant radio host on Splash 105.5 FM Ibadan, who stands out among the young talents in her field. Renowned for her captivating presence on the red carpet, she extends her influence beyond the city limits.

In her media journey, Toyosi Olosunde has undoubtedly engaged with numerous stakeholders and personalities in the Entertainment scene of Ibadan and beyond, making her a respected figure among her colleagues.

With a significant following among the youth radio audience, Toyosi Olosunde recently shared her insights in an interview with Temitope Akinkuolie of Primus Media.

Check out the conversation below. Enjoy!

Can we meet you ma’am? Kindly take us through your growing up and educational background.

My name is Toyosi Olosunde Agnes. I am the first child of my parents and a native of Oyo State – Ibadan to be precise. I attended Sacred Heart private school, Oke-Ado, Ibadan for my elementary education – later proceeded to Concord International school then finished my secondary school education at Genius Royal Academy, Challenge, Ibadan.

My parents invested a lot to raise me – this encourage me to excel in all of my subjects as well as any hobbies I decided to take up. In fact, I learned self-awareness very early in life and this enabled me to go into mass media. For instance, there was a time I visited Radio Nigeria when I was in secondary school – one of my street sisters, sister Lilian used to work there then – with what I saw then, that boosted my zeal to go into mass media too.   

We would love to know how you started your media career?

To start with, I grew up listening to Aunty Ronke Giwa, Jacobs Adeyemi and a host of others. With the passion already built in me – I started with a diploma in Theater Arts, then proceeded to have a degree in English. In the year 2014, I started working as an intern in Splash FM, Ibadan and was retained in the year 2015.

Can you share a challenging situation you faced as a media executive and how you navigated them?

The notable challenge so far is planning and getting to organize a befitting program. As a rookie I found it a bit difficult then but, I get more enlightened by the day and it has become easy.  

Can you tell us your most embarrassing moment on this job?

Hmm…. None I can think of (smile).

Who is Toyosi outside media?

I am a singer, song writer and a church girl (smile). I am an entrepreneur as well – I run a frozen food business.

How do you describe Ibadan entertainment scene and its impact on the Radio Industry?

Well, Ibadan entertainment scene is really moving fast with the new innovation and creativity coming in by the day – I can say boldly that, it is not like the way it used to be again. The impact on radio industry is that, radio stations now get to promote entertainment shows and artiste on radio. This is a good development to me.

If not a radio presenter, what would have been your chosen profession?

I would have been an artiste with a mix of entrepreneurship.

What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to be a media practitioner?

Be focus, diligent and proactive. That is it.

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