Radio Show Clip Goes Viral: Debate Erupts Over Humor, Ethics in Modern Media

As earlier reported by Primus Media, one Akintola Omobolaji Florence swiftly condemned Adamimogo FM Ibadan actions, towards a Social Media content created by the station, labeling them as unprofessional.

Florence who expressed concern that such behavior could deter listeners from engaging with the station out of fear of ridicule. Instead, Florence advocated for a more compassionate approach, suggesting that the station should have kindly corrected the caller’s error.

In contrast, Gbemisola Falona, an Ibadan based media practitioner, offered a different perspective, defending the station’s use of satire and humor in broadcasting. Falona highlighted that radio stations frequently incorporate sound bites, including humorous remarks from public figures, into their programming. He emphasized that humor is subjective and acknowledged that not everyone may appreciate it, but argued that there is a place for satire in the media landscape.

Falona emphasized the evolving nature of content creation in the age of social media and new media platforms. He contended that sharing excerpts from radio shows or interviews online is commonplace for generating engagement and reactions, emphasizing that content creators draw from various sources for creative expression.

While opinions differ on the incident, it underscores broader discussions within the media industry regarding the balance between professionalism, humor, and ethical considerations in content creation and dissemination.

According to Falona, ” I’m a sucker for professionalism, but this here is just an opinion of someone who is thin-skinned and definitely doesn’t appreciate or know humour or satire in broadcasting.

“Radio stations cut out sound bits and use them as payoffs for program promo, stuffs like “Will you keep quiet” “O my God” by the wife of former President Jonathan and “Nigeria top to bottom” by President Buhari and numerous portions of speech by Honorable Patrick Obahiagbon, should also be scrutinised by the writer too!

“Because both Radio and TV stations use speech, phrases and sentences from these people, in fact, the new President Tinubu Agbado is not left out.

“There’s room for satire in media, be it print, broadcasting, internet, magazines, radio or television.

“However, humour is so subjective that there will always be some slow, rigid, people who are not fast on the uptake, and just don’t get what is obviously hilarious to anyone.

“And posting a part of a radio show on the internet is no different from taking an extract from an interview or program and posting such, for traction, reaction or dissemination.

“No program will use any material for the sole purpose of making fun or mocking anyone.

“And in this social media age with the advent of new media, content creation has taken on a new dynamism and creative concept and content can be sourced for anywhere creatively.

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