Adamimogo 105.1FM’s Marketing Head Zainab Olayiwola Signs Ambassadorial Deal

Ibadan-based radio station Adamimogo 105.1FM is celebrating the success of their Head of Marketing, Zainab Olayiwola, as she inks a new ambassadorial deal with Abiamo Aláyọ̀ Nature and Spiritual Home.

The news comes as a welcome development for both Olayiwola and the radio station. Olayiwola’s reputation for excellence in marketing and community engagement perfectly aligns with Abiamo Aláyọ̀ Nature and Spiritual Home’s mission.

Details of the ambassadorship are still limited, but it is expected that Olayiwola will play a key role in promoting Abiamo Aláyọ̀ Nature and Spiritual Home’s message and services to the wider Ibadan community.

This is a significant achievement for Olayiwola, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the Ibadan media landscape. It also bodes well for Adamimogo 105.1FM, further strengthening their connection to the local community.

Congratulations to Zainab Olayiwola and Abiamo Aláyọ̀ Nature and Spiritual Home! We look forward to seeing the positive impact of this collaboration.

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