After years of training and loyal service, Sporting Crystal graduates Kuti, Clever, Dolapo

In a mini event hosted at the Conference room of 32fm in Ibadan, the popular Ibadan Sportscaster, Abimbola Lamidi, fondly called “the Sporting Crystal,” graduated three of his proteges who are promising talents of his Egee Crew.

Enitan Ransome-Kuti, Ridwan Clever (Sporting Clever), and the young Akinkunmi Dolapo, recognized as The Sporting Director, have been integral members of The Sporting Crystal’s team, serving as analysts and occasionally co-presenters.

Despite their ongoing training with Sporting Crystal, their dedication to the humor station has not gone unnoticed. The intimate graduation ceremony marked a memorable occasion as the management of 32fm, acknowledging the trio’s years of selfless service, decided to engage them as members of the station.

This move represents a significant step in recognizing and rewarding their commitment and contribution to the station.

The Sporting Crystal, revered for his versatility in the Broadcasting space, expressed his pride in the achievements of his proteges.

Congratulations poured in for The Sporting Crystal, the graduates, and the entire station, highlighting the success of the Egee Crew members and the station’s commitment to fostering talent within its ranks.

The future looks bright for these newly graduated sportscasting talents as they embark on the next phase of their careers with 32fm.

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