SARS TO SWAT – The Police reform Nigerians need?

Protestors during #Endsars

In lieu of the recent nationwide agitation calling for the end of a special unit of the police force, SARS, The Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu  announced the dissolution of the unit all through the 36 states of the nation. The Governor of River State, CON Wike also sent a public announcement banning every form of protest in port harcourt as regards #endsars using the earlier announcement by the IGP to corroborate his announcement.

This did not only make him trend on Twitter, #Wike, it only added fuel to the burning fire in the heart of the angry peaceful protesters all around the nation as to why they can’t exercise their rights for a just cause having to deal with an issue costing the lives of innocent youths. The streets of Portharcourt, Ibadan, Lagos and all other parts of the country were filled with protesters again like never before to show their undaunted resilience to make sure SARS is really brought to an end this time.

Given the reasons why Nigerian youths, having celebrities also coming out massively to lead most protests, such as Davido leading in Abuja, Wizkid in London, Falz, Runtown, Tiwa savage, Laycon, Prince, Broda shaggi holding Lagos, the African giant, Burna boy also lending his bill to the protests as he could not be physically there because of his mother’s health, one could say the reasons are justifiable as they entail ending police brutality; reformation and proper training of the police officers; justice for innocent victims that died in this cause; and more importantly, one would be right to say that Nigerian youths are seeking accountability and good governance. All these and more are good than enough reasons to have such protests and important personalities all over the country and even footballers and celebrities abroad such as Mesut Ozil, Marcus Rashford, Diddy and lots more are showing their supports for Nigeria on this. But it seems it is all falling on the deaf ear of the Nigerian Leader and his whole system who think this is another game of theirs and can successfully play their tricks on this one by ending SARS and introducing SWAT.

This did not only bring disappointment but to also make remember a few times when we have been silent over some silly tricks such as; Monkey stealing millions of naira; snake swallowing 36million naira; looting public funds and still being voted to a better position years later to loot more and other funny but intriguing tricks that have been played on us which made them still believe that Nigerians are still in that dimlight and are unprogressive fools.

Not to totally take the side of a lazy Nigerian youth out there protesting, let us also magnanimously try to get from the view of the government. Oh! So sorry, the view is so myopic. Let’s continue with something more insightful. With the recent development from the federal government, it is necessary for a sound mind to have some raging questions as a friend and not a stranger of the nation. Who are those making the composition of SWAT? When did the Federal government start planning to have this unit? If it happens to be because SARS has been supposedly ended that requires the formation of this new squad, then, How well are they properly Trained? What about the menace perpetuated by the police? What is the plan for the entire police reform and training? and more importantly in this whole hullabaloo, Where is ‘bubu’? And when is Buhari going to be a ‘good boy’?

Is it not then safe to conclude oneself, in line with social media users that SWAT is just another name coined for SARS. To take a few opinion on SWAT, Nigerians have given different meanings to SWAT such as ; Sars With Another Title, Sars Without Any Training, amongst others. How interesting will it be to tell my friend abroad that SWAT stopped me twice today on the road- a twitter user posted. 

To conclude this with a question, is SWAT the right answer for #ENDSARS? I am sure Nigerians have their answer to this question ready for the government to see on the streets as the protests continue. Celebrities are still lending their voices towards this cause and citizens are unrelenting. 

Even with the intervention of Dangote, Emefiele, holding a zoom meeting with few celebrities and distinguished personalities such as Wizkid, Phyno, Aisha Yesufu, Pamilerin, e.t.c, leading the protests to find a way to end the protests and also the idea of forming a committee to work on it rather than protests. It is easy to read that Nigerians are not in for any form of cajoling even if it means having these celebrities back out of the protests and it is of the view that the businesses of Dangote and the likes are already getting affected, thus; might also affect their rankings which they are trying to maintain or push forward in the almighty Forbes. Nigerians have taken steps further to protest by blocking major business routes such as Lagos-Ibadan express road, Berger in Lagos and Abuja and more.

A message so simple but hard to understand, and if not understood, can’t be approached outrightly. And it is #Endpolicebrutality #Endsars #Stopkillingus. But a new area of misconception just arose as thugs are acting as PROSARS, whoever deployed them is unknown, but it is saddening to see these people come out with sticks to beat their fellow people on the streets voicing out for the good of everyone, especially their own category of people. Yet you lay your hands on them to beat them. Just like the mosquito biting the person it is feeding from. We shall all see the end of them and this saga. Let’s wait to see the end of all these.


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