We waited three years Daddy Yo! Starboy after the long wait finally dropped his long awaited 4th Studio album titled “Made in Lagos” the project was initially scheduled to drop on the 15th of October. However, due to the End SARS movement against Police Brutality in Nigeria, Wizkid in his wisdom thought it would be insensitive to drop an album at that crucial time in Nigeria’s history. Therefore, its release was delayed.  Wizkid’s debut album was released  12 June 2011 titledContinue Reading

The famous and veteran Ibadan based freelance broadcaster, Otunba Akolawole Olootu has added another feather to his already colourful cap, as he emerged the new Mogaji Adesun of Ile Adesun Oko compound, Oje Ibadan, Oyo state. Primus Media gathered in a facebook post released by Are Latoosa Hammed, shared byContinue Reading

Hopefully the government of the day can help revive… Also this is a clarion call to all higher institutions of learning where… A clarion call also to Investors out there. Ibadan is The largest city in West Africa hence it has the potential to be able to house the biggest… Read the full interview below.Continue Reading