It’s gratifying to note that the transformation in journalism practise has witnessed increased collaboration between whistleblowers and journalists working across continents to expose corruption. While the civil society must work to have a robust protection law for whistleblowers, they should not ignore the fact that journalists also deserve full protectionContinue Reading

By Opeyemi Ogunbawo, Israel Babalola The broadcasting industry consists of radio and television stations and networks that create content or acquire the right to broadcast recorded television and radio programmes. Broadcasting as the distribution of audio or video content to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communications medium, hasContinue Reading

By Israel Babalola On every social media space, one priority common to individuals, businesses, organizations, companies, etc., is getting traffic; that is, building followers in all capacity, because followers have great influence on the progress and measure of productivity expected to grow. Your social media followers, if well managed, canContinue Reading