How Kemi Olunloyo, Bayo Faleke and some other Media Practitioners react to FFK’s Unfortunate Outburst

God knows I ( Adigun okin)  will never take this from Any Politician !!! On top wetin??? The job of a professional Journalist is to ask questions, so why the humiliation FFk???
– Adebayo Faleke 

Dr. Adebayo Faleke

I was a Television reporter for 10 years. I worked for a state owned station but asked some of the toughest ( call it nasty) questions even from Military administrators.No interviewee would speak to me the way FFK spoke to that reporter. NEVER!
– Bamidele Salam 

Mr. Bamidele Salam

 I am not sure what I would have done in that journalist shoe but I would not have backed down on my question and if it was a colleague, I would not have watched then apologise as FFK rained his vitriol. 

In the build up to 2019 elections, I badgered Oyo INEC REC so much, he nicknamed me Ijogbon and whenever he saw me with my midget, he would say “You this girl again?”.One time, I persisted on a question with a public office holder and someone tried to apologise on my behalf, he said “Haaa! I know her very well”

FFK’s outburst reaffirms what we already know- including his level of emotional intelligence.

On  a random note, I imagine how that would have played out if it was Ajimobi respond in to that question 
I am also thinking about Michael Oluwashogo Olatunbosun and how he would have dealt with that situation. In fact, they will not attempt to try that with him.

Zainab O. Sanni 

Zainab Sanni


Imagine a former minister with a “short fuse” dressing down a reporter who simply, bluntly and professionally asked him about who is bankrolling his tour of inspection of projects in some states! 

This is the height of intolerance, arrogance, harassment of the press … unexpected of an elder statesman. And very soon, FFK would say a government is gagging the press. What do we call this? Freedom of the press? 
This is one of the reasons many of our leaders can’t really lead. They’ve refused to responsibly follow, therefore, the can’t lead. What’s wrong in explaining who is paying for the so-called Project Inspection Tour of an FFK who isn’t in government? 

Anyway, by their utterances and actions, we shall call them by their names.
Samson Akindele 

Samson Akindele

What Eyo did was unprofessional. Nobody in America will hire him. All my US/CDN colleagues gave me a feedback. It’s like being a single girl Pharmacist in Abuja (the highest salary for a Pharmacist 450k/mo) with a 1.2M flat and a car and Ejor asks “who pays your rent?🙄
– Dr. Kemi Olunloyo

Dr. Kemi Olunloyo

Dear FFK, today you commit the same crime you always accuse Lai Muhammed and Buhari-led administration of – gagging the press.

“Who is bankrolling your project tour sir?” Is that too much to ask a former minister who is no more in power?

No wonder you performed woefully as a public servant. Can you name one particular achievement of your ministry during your sojourn in government?

You call yourself a lawyer, right? Please tell me the case you ever won in your entire career. Obviously you have been feeding fat at the expense of the poor masses. You have been robbing and stealing from the poor.
Having said that, it’s a shame on all other journalists present at that conference and watch that opportunist talk down on their fellow journalist.

What happened to the slogan, “ESPIRIT DE CORP”? What manner of comradeship do we practice now? Why not walk out on shameless corrupt politician? Shame on you all!

We have been used and abused far too long. Having a corrupt politician talk to one of us like that is rubbing salt on our wound.
Let FFK apologise, or else the pen shall not rest until he is disgraced into oblivion like his father who betrayed S. L. Akintola who in turn summarised curse on him shortly before breathing his last.
– Oladapo Ibikunle

Oladapo Ibikunle


  1. What he asked wasn’t ethical at all. You have no business asking who bankrolled him he’s a former minster and lawyer for crying out loud. Asking that question is like a police man asking you what job u do to have that phone you’re using. Isn’t that stupid enough

    1. Mr Adigun Okin, if you are the one, what will you do, you can’t do nothing, your statement sound proud, who knows you, apart been brocaster @ fresh fm, l don’t think you have been appointed as commissional at any were talk of becoming a Minister, FFK is not your mate.
      @ Dr Kemi Oluloyo, ma I don’t expect this from you ma, please re write your comment, you can be abusing someone Father, you have say’s mon than the stupid, that Mr FFK says to the journalist, please correct this. Thanks

      @ Zainab O Sanni, by looking at you, you have no respect for your elders, look at the way you talk like if as you don’t have home training, the way you sound, you also sounds arrogantly, this are the people Mr Samson Akindele is talking about, they has no manner, they lack approach.
      @ Mr Samson Akindele, true talk, please help enlighten them. Thanks

  2. If FFK knew he had specific questions he was willing and ready to answer, he should have forwarded those ahead of time and we would know he’s intellectually stunted.

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