Why are the mighty falling in Ibadan? Why are tested, trusted and proven brands failing in Ibadan? Is Ibadan stylishly hostile to strangers? Is Ibadan so conservative that it naturally abhors a different style? Are there gate keepers that are silently frustrating “outsiders”? Is Ibadan so peculiar that it cannotContinue Reading

By Israel Babalola In the vibrant world of Ibadan radio, where voices weave tales and melodies paint emotions, the familial bonds often hidden behind the microphone remain a mystery to many. Primus Media City, in its quest to unravel the captivating narratives of Ibadan’s On-Air Personalities (OAPs), has unearthed aContinue Reading

In the dynamic realm of radio broadcasting in Ibadan, the movement of On-Air Personalities (OAPs) from one station to another has become a noteworthy trend. While there are various reasons for such transitions, one significant factor contributing to this shift is the intricate balance of promotions and pecking orders amongContinue Reading