Twitter may soon allow you include a GIF, photo & video in one tweet

Multiple media forms per tweet are not attainable on Twitter. But, recent reports suggest that this feature is currently being tested and users might get access to it soon. This means users can get a bit more informative in their tweets.

Currently, you can only tweet using one media type; either GIFs, photos, or videos. Once this feature is available to the global audience, it will help users combine more than one or all available media options in one tweet. Users will be able to add a GIF, a picture, or a video to their tweets.

This “multiple media forms” feature will follow a few other additions to Twitter that we are still expecting to be available globally. Such coming features include the Twitter note for a blog-like experience and the ability to edit the navigation bar. All three features are still pending global updates and will become available in the coming months.

Unlike the other two features which might be available to select users or Twitter Blue subscribers, the multiple media form will be available for everyone. Once ready for the global community, it will do away with the stress of having to tweet media content multiple times since they can be a single tweet.

This development from Twitter shows some promise, even though the Twitter and Elon Musk saga still hangs in the balance. Musk’s unwillingness to continue with his acquisition of Twitter took a toll on the company. Goes without saying that they are not dwelling on the scandal, but instead working hard to get better at the services they render to their audience.


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