Sound Sultan: Celebrating Icons After Death Must Stop|Owolabi Sijuade


I tried logging into my Facebook account after 4 months of being offline because I had lost my phone in Oshodi, Lagos State. I encountered a little problem while trying to log in but at last, it was successful and my first post was ‘ I’m back fellow lovers’.

I scrolled down to check all my friends post to get familiar with the latest news and gist. I had to go search for Ijebu Rewa page since that’s the news platform that gives us update about happenings and events around Ijebu and I was glad to know what had happened in my home town since my absence on social media.

Still surfing through Facebook, the next slide I saw got me devastated. I saw ‘Rest in Peace Feyisara’, the next slide I saw ‘ Feyi, you shouldn’t have left us so soon’. I thought I was dreaming until I wiped my eyes with my left palm that I realized it was not a dream and immediately I said to myself, it can’t be Feyisara that I know. Searching for her name and getting to her wall was the biggest regret for me logging into Facebook. Lots of tributes, words that broke me down. You were so caring, it shouldn’t be you Feyi, Death, why?.

Different people sharing their encounters and dealings with Feyisara but Feyi is gone and no amount of tears or words can bring her back. I took a deep breath and I picked up my phone and this was my post on her wall.

Feyisara, you fought it all alone till your last breath, you made videos of financial assistance but nobody listened to you. While on your sick bed, nobody attended to you. You were nursing your ailment alone and nobody deemed it fit to blow the trumpet till your last breath.

After you left and no remedy for your existence, people started writing poems about how loving and caring you are. Can I remind them that those poems and no longer necessary when you are no more. I wish we all had gathered our #100, #200, #500, #1000, etc to look after you. I wish we had got an MP3 to play your favorite songs while on your sick bed. I wish we made you happy till your last breath but if wishes were donkeys blind men will ride.

Hitting the nail, at the early hours of yesterday the 11th day of July 2021, the death of the ‘Jagbajantis’ crooner Olanrewaju Fasasi popularly known as ‘Sound Sultan’ at the age of 44 years after battling with throat cancer. The social media was crowded with tributes from friends, families, fans and loved ones but the question is, how many of us looked after him before his last breath? How many of us were there when he needed us the most but now he’s no more and we start celebrating him.

This trend of celebrating after death must not continue.
If we cannot celebrate them while on still alive, why then do we need to celebrate them after departure. If we cannot look after them before departure why then do we need to celebrate them after death.

This is a clarion call to celebrate your loved ones while alive. Look after the sick before their last breath.
I challenge you to pick your phone and put a call or text through to your loved ones.


Owolabi Olalekan Sijuade

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