Lagelu FM Claims 5th Spot, Yes FM, Success FM, WellsRadio Surge in March MPS Rating

In Oyo state’s fiercely competitive radio space, Lagelu FM has risen to the fifth position, boasting an impressive 2.5 million listeners, as per the latest Media Planning Services rating for the Month of March.

This significant milestone not only underscores Lagelu FM’s popularity but also signals a formidable presence in the region as it outpaces close competitors, Amuludun FM and Oluyole FM, to secure the 5th spot.

Meanwhile, attention also turns to two emerging stars in the radio landscape, aside Agidigbo FM coming into the number 1 spot in 3 years, Yes FM and Success FM are making the good turnout.

Despite being on air for just two years, Yes FM has swiftly climbed to the 12th spot with over 1.6 million monthly listeners, while Success FM has successfully climbed to the 19th position, despite being on air for just some few months, amassing a dedicated audience of 1.1 million listeners.

Additionally, WellsRadio merits commendation for its inclusion in the rating list since February. Establishing a foothold in such a competitive environment is no small feat, highlighting WellsRadio’s growing influence and relevance in Oyo state’s media scene.

However, amidst these success stories, it’s crucial to acknowledge that some radio stations, both established and newcomers, are still finding it difficult to maintain their footing in the MPS rating list.

As the industry continues to expand, these rankings serve as a gauge of audience preferences and station performance, underscoring the fierce competition within Oyo state’s media landscape.

We say, congratulations to the radio stations on the rating list.

Please note that Primus Media City is not in any way affiliated to MPS.

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