VOP 90.3FM Issues Apology to General Ibrahim Babangida for False Report

In a formal letter addressed to General Ibrahim Babangida GCFR, Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, VOP 90.3FM, Lagos expressed deep regret and offered a sincere apology regarding recent inaccurate news.

The radio station admitted to the dissemination of unverified information suggesting that General Babangida had warned President Bola Ahmed Tinubu about a potential military takeover.

The General Manager of VOP 90.3FM, Yemi Adeoye, conveyed their remorse, labeling the incident as an act of unprofessionalism.

The letter assured General Babangida that the station would take immediate corrective actions, including a public on-air retraction of the false claim, as well as apologies to the public and the esteemed former Military President.

Furthermore, Yemi Adeoye expressed the station’s willingness to physically meet General Babangida for a formal apology.

The commitment to thorough vetting of news and analyses by their staff members was emphasized, pledging to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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