A Vision for a Revitalized Ibadan Broadcasting World – Adeshina Osho

The potentials within the Ibadan Media space, especially in the Radio Business, hasn’t been exhausted yet. It hasn’t even been properly tapped.

Just like in Lagos, I think there should be more themed radios in the City, rather than just the random, generic ‘everything-goes’ kind of radio, that we have here.

I’m looking forward to seeing another vibrant, 100% Urban-themed radio station in Ibadan. A radio station deliberately crafted for the youths and young people, whereby crude talents are identified and explored. Radio media is not/shouldn’t be just about pouching, scooping or raking veterans, creating bad-blooded competitions or copy-paste patterns, but about distinctive and relatable contents that appeals to the public, per time.

Blast is doing a thing in the City. Lead City FM too, probably because it’s a campus radio. Correct FM, okay! Jamz is doing, can do, and should do more – the station name has given more than enough edge.

Since the shadow-exit of Beat FM Ibadan, the competition in the Urban Radio space in the Biggest City in West Africa, had become more boring.

Furthermore, I think radio stations in Ibadan (and generally), should give young creative people (who understands the show-business) the opportunity to steer the course of affairs. Whether it’s a classical-themed radio, or ‘whatever’ theme the radio is premised on, the influence of a younger bone can make the job run faster and easier.

Despite that I have been in the media space for over a decade and a half years, me coming into the radio broadcasting space, had revealed to me a whole lot, including the fact that some people are not really inclined to how the world of entertainment works, so they believe that it is how they ‘direct’ things that would/should bring result.

You don’t release an eagle to fly, then clip it’s wings. How would it fly? No, sir!! You don’t know how it works at this side of the world. So much irregularities and distortions in the system, because you put the cart before the horse. Then you get an opportunity to right the wrongs, then you go ‘balablu’ again.

If you want money (via your business), you’d spend (and enrich) treasure…and time, and talents too.

Nigerian radio owners should avoid taking advantage of enthusiastic people who are willing to work on the radio, by depriving them of the appropriate honours (financially, emotionally) due them, thereby causing them serious emotional, physical and financial fatigue. That these people want a platform to emerge, shouldn’t mean to you that ‘take them up and mess their brains off!’. Not even during this current Nigerian economy, where no one is feeling normal again.

I came into the Ibadan Radio Media space less than a year ago, and I can say for free that 80% of radio stations, especially in Ibadan, are battling with many serious internal issues, which could have been sorted by simply not being pessimistic about pertinent issues that are consequential to the outlook of a prospectively serious, and progressive station.

I did not study human psychology, but I can literally acquire a three-year experience on any area I consciously put interest in, within the regular three-month probate period.

If I have an opportunity to steer the course in radio broadcasting, the broadcast world itself would ‘feel heat’, just when we ‘fill it’, literally; but until then, I wish the Ibadan Broadcasting World the best of sense!

…in the meantime, this ‘bird’ still needs a ‘new nest’.

Adeshina ‘El-Drizzle’ Osho.

OAP | Filmmaker | Writer
Media & Entertainment Creative.

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