If you see me outside, you can never believe I’m a presenter – Àṣàlẹwà of Space FM

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Ruth Olapoju a.k.a Àṣàlẹwà

That’s quite an uncommon name, what’s the origin of the name?

When I was on campus, I have so many nicknames such as; Olorì, Lágídígba and so on. This is because I was into stage performance and chanting but the only nickname I gave myself was Àṣàlẹwà. I came about the nomenclature because of my love for culture. As we know culture is total way of life, the major factor that differentiate individual is culture, it add totality to our being and it shows the beauty of how we live our lives. The meaning of Àṣàlẹwà is (Culture is beauty), I’m addicted to the name so much that people do think it’s my actual name so I may give the name to one of my kids (lol).

Tell us about your educational background?

I attended Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife where I studied Yoruba Language from the department of Linguistics and African Languages. I’m presently in University of Ibadan to obtain my masters degree in Yoruba, I love seeking for knowledge! 

Has radio always been your first love?

I love both Radio and television, I love it when I see people reading news and doing different programs from afar off and people can hear them from different places at the same time, it’s like a magic to me! Back then, mom and dad always listen to BCOS News every night which made me fell in love with Ninyo Adediji’s use of word and I promised myself that one day I will be greater than him in the industry.

How and when did you join radio?

I finished my first degree in 2016 and I will have to wait for about a year before they will mobilize us for service year so there is a need for me to start doing something meaningful, what I wanted then was where I can gain experience about Radio and Television because I didn’t study Mass communication. I wanted another radio station but it doesn’t work out and that’s how I landed at Space FM 90.1, so I joined radio world in 2017

What are your programmes on radio?
I do more of enlightenment program because I’m of serious type and one of it is Ètò Obìnrin ( women program) which centre around women and how men can gently handle them. The second program I will love to mention is Ètò rẹ labẹ Ofin ( Your right under the law) and it’s a program where we always discuss and apply Nigeria constitution to issues.  I read news, also I do Jénwítèmi Ìròyìn( first segment of Jénwítèmi) and ìròyìn Kàyéfì

Why did you choose Yoruba presentation?

Hummm! The best language to me is Yoruba Language because it’s my mother’s tongue! Remember I studied Yoruba so I know about the culture, inner structure of the language and the tradition. Generally I love Yoruba Language and I chose Yoruba Language because I want to promote it and also see to its propagation around the globe.

How do you combine being a chic and a Yoruba presenter?

Those who are close to me know me well! If you see me outside you can never believe I’m a presenter! A friend of mine told me this that he is amazed how I manage to combine three features all together. He said when I’m in the studio, they always see someone different entirely and when I’m doing my Alaga Iduro/ Ijoko, it’s different person and if people see me outside those actions, all they see is a young pretty lady in her late 20s. I will say it’s possible to do this because of my mindset, studio mindset is quite different from Alaga Iduro/Ijoko and so on! I have different mindset for different actions and I set boundaries not to mix them together.

Is there a difference between Alaga Iduro and Alaga Ijoko?

Yes, Alaga Iduro/Ijoko are the moderator of Yoruba Traditional wedding with sugar coated mouth! Alaga Iduro is the moderator from husband family’s side while Alaga Ijoko is the moderator from wife family’s side! Their main purpose is to join hand together and co-ordinator the tradition of anybody that order for their service!

What will you like to change about people’s perception of Yoruba presenters?

What I will love to change about Yoruba presenter perception is that of locality! Being a native speaker doesn’t make us local so we should not limit ourselves but we should try to spread our wing globally! We should keep seeking knowledge so that we can pass good and quality knowledge to our own people.

If you have the chance to start again, will you still be a Yoruba presenter?

There are three languages that will endure in radio/TV world, they are Pidgin, English and Yoruba. The greatest of these is Yoruba. I will choose to be a Yoruba presenter over and over again! Thank you.

Do you mind giving us your social media handles?
Facebook @ Olapoju Ruth Funke Asalewa

Instagram @ asalewa_spacefm

Thank you!


  1. We love you so much!!! Asalewa tiwa

    1. You are lovely sis, the lord is your strength ma keep moving……..

  2. Mama for the girls…We love you so much…She is always ready to support no matter how big or small the business is..I love you mama

    1. This is a very nice interview and I’m not surprised because you have been a lover of Yoruba and someone who always want to place our culture high.

      Keep the flag flying high Àsà
      Èdè Yorùbá kò ní bàjẹ́ oo

  3. Thanks for making us proud…We love u now and forever. My sweet school sis that turns to blood sister. I love you sis .

  4. Àṣàlẹwà màmá! All the answers she provided in the interview is nothing but the truth, she has always been a friendly being to all, very cool headed, peaceful and bright. She works very hard, one of the best student in my department, speaking skills is her talent, and she actually works toward it day and night. You are the best have ever seen, keep your good work ma.

  5. My amiable choir coordinator….
    You are going higher

  6. What a great aspiration,
    Asalewa to sure u bi sure mama,
    You are such a wonderful woman, friend and sister. Keep it up we love you

  7. Thanks for being an inspiration to us, may God continue to strengthen you.

  8. You continue to make exploits Mama. You are loved

  9. I love everything about Asalewa, u are the best. She’s hardworking, beautiful, caring, loving and ever ready to help, so kind nd an inspiration to us. A woman with a pure heart. Sky is just a starting point for u in Jesus name. Higher and bigger u I pray. God wll continue to be ur strength.

    1. Asalewa…. Well done ma’am, keep up the good work. May God give you more grace and see you through your journey to success. You are doing well sis. Much love for you.

  10. I love everything about Asalewa, u are the best. She’s hardworking, beautiful, caring, loving and ever ready to help, so kind nd an inspiration to us. A woman with a pure heart. Sky is just a starting point for u in Jesus name. Higher and bigger u I pray. God wll continue to be ur strength.

  11. Well-done Asalewa, greater heights in your endeavors.

  12. Ruth Olapoju a.k.a Asalewa my favourite, my number one radio presenter….she is a young beautiful lady, very talented and very humble …I cant afford to miss any of her programs. Keep it up dear, I love u!

  13. Ko fi gbogbo Ara wopo
    Keeyan ni nkan meta papo leekan
    Akitiyan, Iwa ati Ewa,
    For us who know you well you have only spoken little about yourself and the job you chose, you are more than mere girl on air. But an Icon of the Yoruba Nation as well.

    1. My sweet sister Asalewa lover of yoruba.
      Intelligent, religious and beautiful princess.
      My God will continue to bless and keep you safe..

  14. My experience with Àṣàlẹwà has always been wonderful. She is intelligent, courteous and hardworking. When it comes to enlightening people about their right under the law as she does on her program – Ètò rẹ labẹ Ofin, she does not only talk the talk, she also walks the walk.

  15. A classy chic. Ride on

  16. Wow!!
    This is lovely, keep the flag up darling sis mi…
    ASALEWA ti wa ni…

  17. Such a unique being….
    Am proud of u dear.

  18. Asalewa Tiwa… Thanks for promoting Sanity among OAPs and Thanks for promoting our cultural heritage.

    You are doing Well… We are Getting Angry together… A ma jú yin sè ooo

  19. II’m impressed.

    I dey gbadun the way you dey promote our culture.

    I had come in contact with you countless time and I love the way you handle things; your programmes are super encouraging.

    Keep the flag flying.

    “Opolo yin ko ni joba o”.

  20. I’m glad to have l met this wonderful being. She’s humble and respectful. I never knew she is a presenter until we got talking for a while. Listening to her on radio brings an imagery of another person entirely. She has matured voice behind the microphone which makes people to wonder if it’s same Ruth speaking. She’s good at what she does. She’s hardworking, diligent in her work, smart and beautiful. I know she’s going places. Thank you for promoting YORÙBÁ LANGUAGE AND CULTURE.

  21. Ride on sis, you’re doing well. You’re forever loved. Asalewa of our generation.

  22. You are doing well asalewa to the world

  23. Asalewa of space FM… Alaga to superp….you’re doing well sis…I love your energy and the passion, you’re a strong lover of culture..keep it up,the sky is your starting point ma’am.

    1. Wow….This is great…thanks for making us proud Asalewa…You are so special..very special…Ride on

  24. What a beautiful interview.

    Thanks for making us proud, the sky is just a starting point for you my favorite Yoruba presenter.

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