Female Sports Presenters On the Airwaves of Ibadan

In the vibrant world of sports broadcasting on Ibadan radio, a group of remarkable women is making waves, breaking stereotypes, and proving that passion knows no gender.

In a field traditionally dominated by men, these remarkable women have not only broken barriers but have elevated the standards of sports broadcasting in Ibadan.

Their passion, dedication, and unique styles have not only enriched the airwaves but have also inspired a new generation of female sports enthusiasts to pursue their dreams without reservation.

As these women continue to shine, the future of sports journalism in Ibadan looks brighter than ever.

In no particular order, let’s take a closer look at these influential females who have carved their niche in the competitive field of sports journalism on Ibadan Radio.

1. Blessing Fowowe – Splash FM

Blessing Fowowe, the voice behind the mic at Splash FM, stands as a beacon of experience and expertise. As an English sports presenter and seasoned sports journalist, she has demonstrated resilience and commitment in the game for a considerable period. Her insightful commentary and in-depth analysis make her a staple for sports enthusiasts tuning in to Splash FM.

2. Khadijah Lukuman “Dija sports” – IBR

Dija sports, known as Khadijah Lukuman, is a trailblazer at IBR, presenting sports content in Yoruba. Her dynamic delivery and connection with the audience in their native language have not only brought a fresh perspective to sports reporting but have also garnered a loyal following.

3. Titilope Giwa – Pensioners FM

Titilope Giwa, a Yoruba sportscaster at Pensioners FM, adds her distinctive flair to the airwaves. With an undeniable passion for sports and an engaging presentation style, she has become a respected figure in the Yoruba-speaking community. Titilope’s contributions extend beyond the microphone, inspiring aspiring female sportscasters in the region.

4. Funke Igbasan – YES FM

Funke Igbàsan, an English presenter on YES FM, brings a fresh perspective to Ibadan’s radio space. Her articulate delivery and insightful commentary have earned her one to watch out for in sports broadcasting.

5. Aderonke Adesola Olórí Sports – Splash FM

Aderonke Adesola, popularly known as olórí Sports, is a Yoruba sports presenter and commentator on Splash FM. Her dynamic and enthusiastic approach to sports reporting has earned her a dedicated fan base. Aderonke not only provides match analyses but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring female sports presenters in Ibadan especially with her humorous Banter styles.

6. Adetoke Orekoya “info banger” – Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State

Adetoke Orekoya, widely recognized as “info banger” at the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State, operators of Oluyole FM is a force to be reckoned with in English sports broadcasting. Her informative and engaging style has captivated listeners, establishing her as a respected figure in the industry. Adetoke’s dedication to delivering quality sports content reflects the rich tapestry of talent present in Ibadan.

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