Agidigbo FM’s Sudden Arrival, A Shock to Ibadan Radio Owners|Charles Alade

The sudden emergence of Agidigbo 88.7fm , supposedly owned by A veteran Presenter Oriyomi Hamzat came as a rude shock to most  radio owners in Ibadan. While some existing radio stations are already struggling with keeping up with the highly competitive market of radio proprietorship in the brown roof city, a few have maintained their relevance in the media space.  

Agidigbo FM started on a very high note and has left other radio station inquisitive about who is truly behind the radio station.  A few things distinguished them even at the test transmission stage.  Firstly, No one  was expecting a radio presenter to own a radio station considering the fact that it’s capital intensive and the  brain behind Agidigbo FM Oriyomi hamzat is already a household name in the radio/ tv media space with so much influence and listenership.

Poaching is a common strategy any serious  newly established radio station will employ to drag attention to themselves but Agidigbo FM almost went over board, poaching the likes of Akinyemi Soul from Fresh FM, Sekinat  and Seun Ejodoku Mr D law from Naija FM , GRA from Inspiration FM it’s also important to note that a few of them were poorly managed by their former employers. 

The true radio listeners in Ibadan are the indigenous people within the state , Agidigbo FM’s program, style of presentation , slogan and even the name was deliberately designed to attract this set of people to not just listen but feel they finally have a radio station they can call their own.  (Ohun Ara Ilu). 

Micro drivers, mechanic villages , petrol stations  have embraced Agidigbo FM over others perhaps because some of the Commercial drivers were given free fuel during the radio stations transmission at a time where there was hike in PMS price or the joy of finally having to see a radio presenter own a radio station. 

Their Opening was of a grand style as the Executive Governor of Oyo state Engineer Seyi Makinde was present to officially open the radio station with other high profiled individuals in the society.

Agidigbo FM has the youngest Head of station in the history of radio media in Ibadan( Grey Yousuph), Gave a brown new car to some of their employers, currently running a viable real estate business and To cap it all they broadcast 24hrs, has presence in the online media and digital streaming platforms which is the future of the new media. 

This beginning is truly intimidating the question is, can they sustain this momentum?

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