Allow Content Producers to Shine, Afouda Appeal to Instagram Bloggers

Afouda Samuel of 32fm 94.9 Ibadan, took to his Instagram handle on Thursday, May 13, 2021, to passionately appeal to Instagram bloggers to always allow content producers and skit makers to shine, and reap the benefit of their creativity.

According to the video clip monitored by Primus Media City, where he wrote with the caption, “Bloggers you are doing well but you can do better! Please allow content creators to shine their shine!”

As a concerned observer, he pleaded with all Instagram bloggers to always allow the skit makers to enjoy the benefit of their work before they repost, even though he believe they might be trying to help them. He explained that posting excerpts and redirecting people to the original work will do the skit makers more good.

“Please, when skit makers drop their skit, let the person enjoy the benefit, traffic, clicks, impressions, and all. If you really want to help the person, you can just use an excerpt of that particular clip, like 15 seconds and direct people to the person’s page for full video.” He said.

Afouda Samuel is a Lawyer, an On-air-Personality and an entrepreneur in the city of Ibadan. He is presently leading a crusade to expand the frontier of media in the city and beyond through the establishment of Primus Media City.

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