Why Kola Olootu will remain relevant on Radio for a long time

By Israel Babalola

  ‘Whatever your hands find doing, do it will all your might’ is absolutely the watchword of the seasoned and consistent Yoruba broadcaster, Otunba Akolawole Olootu. He is renowned for his ability to pull multiple traffic on radio, as his relevance in modern radio circle endears more people to listen and be a part of the programme.

Akolawole Olootu is one of the aged radio presenters who experienced the true hard times of old studio settings and has yet, remained relevant on modern day radio. The question is, how did he successfully stand up to the heavy task without wavering? Indeed, Kola Olootu moves with time and season!

One could clearly state, that this broadcasting guru will remain relevant in what he does just because of how he does it. Definitely, Olootu is a sharp, creative and brilliant hype man in the industry. His sugar iced mouth wouldn’t allow people to stop doing business with him on radio. Also, his positive dominating prowess keeps him moving without deadlock.

His dynamic use of Yoruba proverbs and idioms which brings out the beauty of Yoruba culture will not keep people away from wanting to listen to him on radio. And, although he is limited to the Yoruba community alone (both the Yorubas at Home and in Diaspora), his brilliant play on words has the power to captivate audience to his programmes and, the radio station.

Again, being a freelance broadcaster will continue to give him a upper hand in the radio industry and certainly will maintain his status on radio in years to come. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of being a freelance radio presenter is not being subjected to specific types of content from a superior. You’re free to work on your own leads and stories, and also, you decide your own overtime. Olootu will always carve all his stories or content with commendable expertise such that it penetrates easily into the minds of his listeners.

Moreso, his generous giveaways on radio makes his audience follow him everywhere he goes without any second thought. Kola Olootu in every of his programmes will always have human needs to freely share, such as money, food stuffs, clothing, and even expensive material things like cars, freezers, and many more. His giveaways are always and will always be an advantage for him to maintain the highly exalted status in the radio industry. Radio giveaway is just a key for him to open doors of opportunity.

Akolawole Olootu is a radio presenter who understands the significance of the use of social media platform in radio broadcast, and this has given him another upper hand in the media industry. Obviously Olootu will always live stream every of his programmes on his official Facebook page, seeking for more likes and more shares. His understanding of Social media has also brought him this far as a radio presenter. With no doubt, Kola Olootu is a strategic radio presenter who cannot fade away any time soon. Absolutely, he is a man of time and season in the media industry.

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