Updated: Pidgin OAPs Dominating the Airwaves in Ibadan

In the vast expanse of Ibadan’s radio waves, linguistic diversity is not a hurdle but a key feature enriching the entertainment, education, and information catered to listeners of all ages.

The Ibadan radio industry, despite its size, proudly embraces a multitude of languages, offering a tapestry of choices including English, Yoruba, Pidgin, Igbo, Hausa, and more.

The thriving radio scene owes much to the impactful contributions of Pidgin presenters who inject vibrancy into Ibadan’s airwaves.

Primus Media City proudly spotlights nine exceptional Pidgin On-Air Personalities, each leaving an indelible mark:

1. Victor Pius Azubuike of Lagelu FM

Known as “The Heavy Rain,” Victor Pius Azubuike of Lagelu FM is a versatile OAP celebrated for his engaging personality. Regularly featured on shows like Highlife Music and Naija Today, he effortlessly connects with listeners.

2. Chikito Duru of Lagelu FM

Cece Chikito f Lagelu FM as fondly called is a multilingual talent, mastering various languages. His show “Tori Repete” is a popular choice for listeners who enjoy pidgin radio with a humorous touch.

3. Jolomi Raphael of Lagelu FM

Jolomi Raphael, also known as RapinDady at Lagelu 96.7 FM, earns the title “Your Boyfriend on Radio.” A respected pidgin broadcaster. He’s a comedian and he therefore brings such replicate to the radio listeners.

4. Seun Ejidokun of Solutions FM

Seun Ejidokun, aka Mr. De-Law, from Solutions FM, injects vibrant vibes into Ibadan’s pidgin radio landscape. With energetic delivery and impeccable command of pidgin language, Mr. Opataricious stands out as a presenter in the city.

5. Tunde Sofowora of Vintage FM

Fondly called Tunde Spy, he is a dynamic pidgin presenter celebrated for making Ibadan Radio colorful. His vibrant presentation style and news delivery on Vintage FM have solidified his position.

6. Afouda Samuel of 32FM 94.9

Affectionately known as the “god on radio,” Afouda Samuel of 32FM 94.9 stands out with his unique blend of humor and infectious laughter. As a legal practitioner, Afouda Babaagbala anchors “What’sUp 9ja” daily at 6pm, establishing himself as a pidgin language authority on Ibadan radio.

7.Victor Ogundeji of Lead Radio

Victor Ogundeji of Lead Radio is a passionate and fast-rising presenter committed to using pidgin radio to inform and entertain with humor. Widely known as “Omo Baba Onipako,” he is making a mark in the industry.

8. Ebby Dickinson of Lagelu FM

Ebby Dickinson of Lagelu FM is a dynamic presenter known for engaging listeners with her smooth delivery. The popular host of the station’s pidgin show “Saturday Oyoyo.”

9.MC Oke Ade of I-Flier FM

MC Oke Ade of I-Flier FM is a rising star in the pidgin radio world, recognized for his witty humor and the ability to make listeners laugh. He brings a dynamic vibe to Pidgin broadcasting, blending music, entertainment, and local flavor to keep the city grooving.

Wisdom George of Omoluabi Radio

Wisdom George is a brilliant Pidgin presenter on Omoluabi Radio in Ibadan. He is known for his drive time show with his ability to connect with listeners from all walks of life.

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