TRANSFER RUMOURS: Unveiling of Dandy by Fresh FM Fuels Speculation of Soul’s movement to Agidigbo FM

The last 24 hours has witnessed silent speculations in the media corridor of Ibadan city. The man at the center of the ravaging rumour is Adedotun Amosun, better known as Soul, who is believed to be  the King of Night belt in the city, with his investigative relationship programme, which earned him the alias of Tule-tule Tole-tole from his multitude of fans, spread across different ages, genders and generations. 

Rumour has it that the much loved OAP has shifted base to team up with the new station Agidigbo FM, owned by popular radio presenter, Oriyomi Hamzat. While the speculations were going back and forth, we broke the news to you some moments ago that Fresh FM has unveiled David Egwim (Dandy), formerly of Ray Power as their latest addition, and he is to rule their night belt henceforth, in the stead of Soul. 

The breaking of the news seems to have given credence to the wide speculations that Soul has indeed moved to Agidigbo FM, as media enthusiasts and radio fans have bombarded us with enquiries about the where about of Soul. While we have made effort to hear directly from Mr. Soul, he is yet to respond to our message as at press time and he is yet to say anything to either corroborate the rumour or deny it. Likewise, Agidigbo FM is yet to announce or issue any official statement to confirm or deny as well. 

However, popular Sportscaster with Petals FM, John Udofia shared a picture of himself and Soul on his official Facebook page, with a caption that he confronted Soul with the rumour and his response was “My brother na so we see am o!” Thereby giving credence to the wide held speculations. 

We will keep our fingers crossed till there is an official statement from either Agidigbo FM or Adedotun Amosun himself to that effect. Trust Primus Media City to break the news to you as it happens.

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  1. They even took the picture at the front of Agidigbo FM

  2. Wow… I hope he moves too, cos it’s becoming local champion at fresh, na from oluyole e start n he’s know.. make e spread love somewhere else.. well I just hope nio…

  3. Hmmm fresh fm and mr soul

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