Tragic Loss: Popular Ibadan-based Broadcaster, Omo Oba Ogo Mourns the Passing of His Wife

Oladapo Alao Omo Oba Ogo, a well-known broadcaster based in Ibadan, is grieving the loss of his beloved wife.

Deaconess Rachael Iyabo Alao, formerly known as Rachael Bakare, passed away on the 2nd of July at the age of 49, leaving behind a heartbroken family.

Omo Oba Ogo revealed that his wife had been battling an illness for several years, and on the morning of her passing, at exactly 5.30 am, she breathed her last.

He expressed his gratitude to all those who supported their family during the challenging time of her illness and shared his belief that she has now found peace.

“She could not bear it anymore. I was with her begging her to stay with me but she took a long look at me and shook her head before she took her last breath. She died on her son’s laps”

The broadcaster found solace in the story of David from the bible, who, after losing a son, symbolically changed his garment. He acknowledged that he couldn’t reverse the loss and could only seek strength in moving forward.

Deaconess Alao was laid to rest in a private ceremony, and the family will provide further details to the public in due time.

She is survived by her husband, son, and grandchildren, who now face the challenge of coping with this profound loss.

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