Charles Alade Bows Out of Royal Roots 92.9 FM as Head of Station

After an impressive tenure of one year and three months, Charles Alade has announced his departure as the Head of Station at Royal Roots 92.9FM in Ibadan, an urban radio station. Alade expressed his gratitude to God for the privilege of steering the affairs of the renowned radio station during his tenure.

During his time at Royal Roots 92.9FM, Alade successfully implemented a spirit of excellence and creativity, which brought significant attention to the station. Under his leadership, the radio station embarked on various experimental initiatives that captivated the audience and kept them engaged. Alade also played a pivotal role in establishing partnerships and collaborations with entertainment stakeholders in the city, adding color and support to their events.

Reflecting on his experience, Alade expressed his appreciation for the ideas and events hosted by the station, which left others wondering about the station’s exciting activities. Additionally, he acknowledged the challenge he faced as the sole marketer of the station, a role that allowed him to uncover a side of himself he had not previously known. He humorously admitted that he thought he was just a “bloody presenter” but discovered his ability to generate revenue for the station.

Alade extended his gratitude to his friends who supported him by lending their voices, experiences, influence, and expertise to the radio platform. He recognized them as valuable team players in his journey. Furthermore, he expressed his appreciation to those whose voices were amplified through the radio platform, thanking God for their lives.

In a special note of gratitude, Alade thanked Greg Odutayo (GMD) and Debbie Odutayo (ED), his principals at Royal Roots 92.9FM. Although he had minimal personal phone conversations with Debbie Odutayo, he admired her spirit from the first day of contact, highlighting her remarkable qualities. Alade emphasized the phenomenal nature of both the Managing Director and the Executive Director.

As Charles Alade moves on to pursue greater heights, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to Greg Odutayo and Debbie Odutayo for granting him the opportunity to manage the affairs of Ibadan’s number one urban radio station. He assured his fans, friends, and family that he would keep them updated on his next move. Alade also requested continued prayers during this transitional period.

The departure of Charles Alade from Royal Roots 92.9FM marks the end of an era at the renowned Ibadan radio station. His dedication, creativity, and outstanding leadership have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the station’s success. As he ventures towards new opportunities, his fans eagerly await his next venture and continue to support him in his future endeavors.

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