Toba Opaleye the man who lived, lives and never leave

By Ajiboye Adedamola Isaac

Heroes don’t die but leave the stage for the World to always remember the good deeds done, Alakoso Owu Igosun lived, and never left the stage for a minute.

In the heart of all his loved ones, proteges and families, the late veteran broadcaster Toba Opaleye whose lifetime was synonymous to quality broadcasting, creative storyline presentations, professionally inclined Yoruba language dexterity, and the rythmic use of words to drive down his thoughts to his wide range of listeners all over.

The evergreen story lines of Igbanladogi, Mufu Olorisaoko, Jembe Teacher, Aṣọ Èṣù Beleke are all notable works of the late Radio sage to immortalize him. Some years ago, I was listening to one of his tributes to the late Gbenga Adeboye in company of his direct mentee, Yemi Sonde Jigan Akala and Lanre Adeosun.

Sonde was professionally moved with the use of words of the late Toba Opaleye while listening to Toba’s tribute to Gbenga Adeboye, he said “Buoda Toba gbọ Yoruba gan, won dé mọ bi a se n fi ọrọ ṣe rhymes, infact presentation wọn unique pẹlu bí wọn ṣe mọ music” these were his confessions when Toba refered Gbenga’s death as “oni ‘ku yee yee”… oni ‘ku ariwo, iku agbosogbanu”. This implies that Yẹmi Sonde is still learning from Toba Opaleye even after leaving the Worldly stage for the great beyond.

Yẹmi Sonde’s love for Toba Opaleye is unquantifiable because of his daily regards for his late Boss and mentor. Today, the 101.7 Yes FM studio that everybody is associating with is named after Toba Opaleye, hence the “Toba Opaleye Live Studio” But this does not just come to the fore, it has been named so even before the license of Yes FM was approved in 2021, atleast I know that the media empire housing the radio was opened on 21st January, 2019 and ever since then the studio room has been named such.

Today marks the 18th Anniversary of Toba Opaleye’s transition to the great beyond, the World is remembering him for his outstanding contributions to the media world, 101.7 Yes FM studio is named after him and Yemi Sonde cannot but mention his contributions to get to where he is today.

Rest on, Atobatele Tajudeen Iyeru Ọmọ Opaleye. Ọgá ọgá wà.

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