Thread Banter: 32fm 94.9 Ibadan Pokes Fun at Splash FM, Fresh FM, others

In a playful yet bold move, 32fm 94.9, Ibadan’s first humour-themed radio station, has taken a hit at its competitors, questioning their reluctance to embrace the newly introduced social media platform, “Thread”.

In a thread, the station’s official handle playfully asked, “Why are the others in Ibadan not threading yet? Are they shy? @splashfm1055 and that other one, is it Fresh… right?”

The replies, which quickly gained traction among radio enthusiasts and social media users, sparked a banter between 32fm 94.9 and Fresh FM, another prominent radio station in Ibadan.

Responding to the provocation, Fresh FM replied, “The only HUMOUR MERCHANT we recognize is Papa Ajasco,” referring to the popular Nigerian sitcom character known for his comical antics.

The humorous exchange between the two radio stations delighted their respective listeners, who eagerly joined the conversation, adding to the playful rivalry.

The social media platforms were abuzz with fans expressing their support for their preferred stations, sharing memes and witty comments about the ongoing banter. The banter seems not over!

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