I-Flier FM HOP, Adejare Amuda Calls for Professionalism to Curb Content Duplications on Ibadan Radio

In a bid to address the issue of “Content Duplications” plaguing the media landscape in Ìbàdàn, Adejare Amuda, the Head of Programmes at I-Flier 103.3 FM, has proposed the creation of a platform for veterans and Head of Programmes in radio stations. The platform aims to foster dialogue and collaboration to eliminate the replication of content and promote professionalism in the industry.

Amuda, who has observed the recurrence of I-Flier FM’s content being duplicated on other stations, expressed his concerns privately to several heads of programmes and trusted contacts over the past three months. While he refrained from naming the stations involved, he stressed the need for action to uphold the principles of ethical broadcasting.

Amuda statement reads, “Ìbàdàn Radio and Same Programme Name, Can we be professional for once please..

“I think we would have to create a platform for veterans and Head of Programmes in radio stations as a platform to be ironing out issue of “Copy Knocking” or “Content Duplications” in Ìbàdàn media landscape.

“In the last three months, I have written privately to head of Programmes or few contacts I can relate with in numerous stations where I noticed our contents at  I-FLIER 103.3 FM  which we have been running for a long time n are been replicated in other stations I won’t mention their names for now.

“I think we may have to go a step further to put a stop to this act which makes one to ponder on the questions like ‘Do we really have Head of Programmes in radio nowadays?’ Are they really performing their professional duties’..

“I’m not saying we can not have a similar programmes idea but with same programme names slaps ethos and professionalism of the job..

“Before you launch a program on air, know the philosophy, check background information, ask questions from people, text the sustainability and acceptability of this programmes.

“Head of Programmes and Brand Curators should adjust..

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