The Perfect Pair : Radio and Social Media | Adeyemi Ojo

I saw the images from the players seminar of Remo Stars football club, ikenne ogun state and that of Lobi Stars Football Club of Makurdi and I discovered that many clubs in Nigeria don’t know the power of branding, they run their clubs like street football cooperative…. But kudos to @remostars now and always because they definitely understand the meaning of branding and its been helping them since they got promoted to the NPFL.

Though branding isn’t my focus for this write-up, just cited it as a practical example, the focus is the important of social media to radio and how they are a very good perfect combo.

Combining radio and social media can be a cost-effective way to reach more people, more often, in an engaging way. Radio has the perfect storm of local content, music, and personalities that listeners are loyal to, and still a huge audience and mass reach. While social provides the ability to have one-on-one interactions and the power to humanize your brand.

In the media industry, we need to know the importance of social media marketing; our social media pages attract large numbers of loyal listeners looking for news, fun facts, photos, feedback from on-air personalities, and local event information.

Piggybacking on this captive audience can be a great way to improve your radio ad’s frequency to the same audience. Sponsoring tweets, Facebook posts, or content on a radio station’s social media page can be engaging and cost-effective. What’s more, research indicates that radio increase digital’s lift by an average of 20%. Radio and digital truly are a power team marketing match.

Adeyemi Ojo (mc prince)
Indigenous Sports & Newscaster
Smash88.1fm Abeokuta.

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