Hon. Akande Sadipe calls out Olawale Hamzat, Lagelu FM Over Tipper Garage Road Rehabilitation

Hon. Tolulope Akande-Sadipe representing the Oluyole Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives under All Progressive Congress(APC) has called out popular Yoruba sportscaster with Lagelu 96.7 FM, Olawale Hamzat well known as “Top Striker” over wrong allegation on the rehabilitation of Taska Junction, Tipper Garage at Ayegun Oleyo to Baare. She made this known while featuring on a Political program on Fresh 105.9 FM, Ibadan on Sunday, January 22, 2023.

Hon. Akande-Sadipe who claimed Olawale Hamzat never did mention her name but everything he is saying comes down to her as the Honourable representing Oluyole Constituency. She stated that her lawyer has written to the radio presenter, Olawale Hamzat and the station, Lagelu FM in Ibadan for not informing the people based on fact, claiming she has gone to collect money without informing the community.

According to Akande-Sadipe, “The day that they did a community meeting with the contractor, please, I want you to go and ask the elderly ones in the community, they will tell you that they did a community meeting and I wasn’t there with them. They invited Hamzat to the meeting but he did not show up…

She further explained that, “60million was allocated for the rehabilitation of the road but the contractor collected 40million and I called FERMA (Federal Roads Maintenance Agency) immediately that day. My personal assistant called Hamzat but he is used to talking about me in a bad manner.

“My personal assistant also sent the documents to him then the community picked a date for us to meet and so we met for the first time, it was in the night that we met.

“I told them that I would be going back to Abuja and handed them over to the contractor and also to FERMA so that they can agree over the matter and they both agreed on somethings and wrote a letter to FERMA but FERMA replied that they can’t make a variation because the president had already signed it.

“I want to beg the journalists, you are citizens of Nigeria, let’s do this together.

“He was supposed to call FERMA to confirm the amount given to them by the president and the role of Honourable Tolulope Akande Sadipe, Rather than shouting the road is just 200 kilometers or meters whatever as he claims.

Meanwhile, Olawale Hamzat reacted over the allegation made against him during his program today, Monday, January 23, 2023 on Lagelu FM, stating all the constitutional rights, and with particular emphasis on right to freedom of expression under the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which according to him gives him the right as a journalist to express the grievances of the people.

Also, he explained that being a Sportscaster does not restrict him from expressing the dissatisfactions of his audience, be it social or political.

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