Primus Media Academy begins advanced training on Newscasting this September

Newscasting is a very strategic, fun, exciting, unique and delicate part of media practice. From time immemorial Newscasters have this godlike aura which surrounds them and endear them to the multitude that are always eager to hear or see them.

To maintain this tradition of excellence, Primus Media Academy have created a 1 month intensive coaching on Newscasting, to be facilitated by 5 Award winning, young, vibrant, active and 21st century compliant Newscasters in the city. Ronke Giwa of Splash FM, Favour Kayode of 32 FM, Oloruntoba Yusuf of Beat FM, Inumidun Afonja-Adedeji of Pensioners FM and Adebisi Ogunjimi of Petals FM. The 40 hours training will afford each participant the privilege of daily reading under the tutelage and guidance of these experts. 

Training runs through the month of September and it holds every evening from 5-7pm. The training is created for young Newscasters and aspiring Newscasters. It costs just 30,000 Naira, which can be paid in 2 installments. All participants will be awarded certificates under the hand of Primus Media Academy, the organizers of the training!

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