Popular presenter, Bayo Faleke stars in an epic Yoruba Film!

Popular Ibadan based radio presenter, Adebayo Faleke who is widely renowned for his deep knowledge and humorous exhibition of the Yoruba Language has added yet another feather to his already colorful cap. He has recently starred in a yet to be released epic Yoruba film. For weeks now, he has been teasing us with excerpts from the action packed and hilarious movie on his social media time lines. 

The Fresh FM staff, who is also the promoter of online stations Afrikana TV and Kakaki Radio has remained on top of his game for well over a decade now, and he has his cabinet full of awards and recognitions from different organizations within and outside the country. Just some few years ago, he was awarded honorary doctorate degree by a University in the Republic of Benin for his outstanding contributions to the Yoruba Language. 

Apart from being a well respected radio presenter, Bayo Faleke has written a book, The Dilemmas of a Country and released several albums, like National Cake and Banana Republic. 

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  1. He’s the best of all the best I love him

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