Photojournalism changing the perception and structure of the society

By Israel Babalola

Photojournalism is a form of journalism in which a story is told primarily through photographs and other images. It is the practice of producing images to tell a news story, which must be honest and impartial in line with journalistic ethical standards. Photojournalists are photographers who present news events primarily through the photographs of events and supplement with caption.

Photojournalists are as well reporters, that gathers news, stories, cover events in a clinical and analytical ways but all through credible imaging making through photography.

Although, everyone is a photographer through the invention of smartphones, iphones and other capturing gadgets, but yet photojournalism is a delicate and distinct work that cannot be done anyhow without diploma knowledge.

Photography is a universal language that generates meaning after seeing an image and a photojournalist can communicate with the entire world without using language barriers. Image in this generation register fast, attracts and stick to our brain easily more reasons photojournalist pick picture from a news angle story to present accuracy for the viewers.

Photojournalism is not just about capturing moments but it is a vibrant tool to inform, raise awareness and preserve historical events through pictures and videos. It easily passes information around and speaks in a clearer voice for a lay man to fathom.

Seeing is believing! Fact are hardly uttered in photojournalism because it saddled itself to bringing event as displayed from the reality to the people without any addition and subtraction of fact and truth gathered unlike the case of writing report where stories can be overemphasized and undermined through the abuse of word usage license.

Pictures gives a great recollection and enhance sound memory of inhabitants of a particular society. It drives many people into the right path and keep them going as long as they have the picture of the beautiful things yet to come registered in their brain. Therefore, professional photojournalism is one that need to be encouraged to revive the dieing communities and hold firm the rising ones. It speedily gives a better structure and as well changes the wrong perception of the society.

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