Oriyomi Launches Channel to Fighting Human Rights Violations


Renowned broadcaster and human rights advocate, Oriyomi Hamzat has launched a channel on video streaming platform YouTube.

The channel tagged, Oriyomi Hamzat Rescue Mission, powered by a Non-For-Profit Organization with the same name, is a platform to more effectively fight for the rights of the people and ensuring that social justice is upheld at all times.

The broadcaster who is renowned for being a vocal critique of human rights violations by government or private individuals, has always been committed to being the voice of the voiceless and standing with the truth.

According to the Project Coordinator of Oriyomi Hamzat Rescue Mission, Mr. Olatunde Iyanda, the aim is to further amplify everything we have been doing so far in standing up against numerous social vices. The mission of Oriyomi Hamzat Rescue Mission channel is clearly stated; to rescue people who consider to be ours from the abyss of neglect, cheating, abuse and any attempt to trample on their fundamental right.

We will then be documenting these strides on the Oriyomi Hamzat Rescue Mission YouTube channel which already features a lot of our effort in the ongoing case of Chief Rahman Adedoyin, the owner of Hilton Hotel in Ile Ife where Timothy Adegoke was reportedly killed.

Through the Rescue Mission, weve lent our voice to amplify the cries, pains and agonies of the family of the deceased and also awaken the consciousness of many Nigerians to do the same while banking on the virility of social media particularly our newly launched YouTube channel.

According to Iyanda, the result which the Timothy Adegoke case yielded bolstered the decision to use the YouTube channel to continue to fight for the right of the oppressed across board.

“Given the result weve seen in the Timothy Adegokes case, weve realized that we could further awaken the collective consciousness of fellow Nigerians at home and in the diaspora to together continue to demand for justice in so many of the cases of injustice and human rights violations we deal with everyday.

Iyanda further noted that videos of many cases of human rights violations which the organization addresses will be available for many to watch, learn from and perhaps even support the victims showcased in the video.

You can subscribe to Oriyomi Hamzat Rescue Mission with the link below.

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