Radio Friend pens emotional tribute to Radio Dynamite on 5th death anniversary

One of the Ibadan finest English sportscasters, Kenny Ogunmiloro of Fresh FM better known as “Radio Friend” penned emotional tribute to Radio Dynamite on 5th death anniversary.

The statement reads:

He would have been one of the biggest OAPs in Oyo state and Nigeria today if he’s still alive.

Rest on dear Friend, on this day in 2017 you said goodbye to this world leaving your wonderful career, wife, and children, and beloved Arsenal behind. You were a very versatile OAP, excellent newscaster and sometimes helped me with SportsGang when I wasn’t around

You are the reason many of your colleagues/friends and family members cry every December 31st since 2017

You were a great friend that i confided in and told my secrets. You did the same thing as you shared some secrets with me too, I haven’t recovered from your death cuz nobody has replaced what your friendship meant in my heart.

I love u more and miss u Femi Oluwajobi – The Radio Music Dynamite…Continue to Rest in peace. The drunk driver that knocked you down and cut short your shining star shall never know peace until your spirit forgives him.

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