Ogunmiloro to OAPs: …unecessary rivalry doesn’t make sense again

THE collaboration and relationship from different radio presenters in the big city of Ibadan has been noticed by one of the presenters of the moment, Kenny Ogunmiloro of Fresh 105.9 FM. He believes that having an unnecessary rivalry doesn’t make sense again, collaboration is the new deal.

According to him, “I love the collaboration and the relationship between OAPs of different stations now, everyone is understanding the fact we are all employees at our different stations and can leave anytime, only the C.E.O cannot so it doesn’t make any sense seeing yourselves as arch-rivals.

This is the 21st century, let’s change the narrative. We shouldn’t be making the mistakes our elders in the industry made. Competition is good but make it healthy, collaboration is the key. Loyalty is good but relating well with your colleagues when you are outside the station or even bringing him/her on your show for collaboration will not kill you or kill your station, it will only make your content richer and more appealing to the audience.

The Musical artistes are doing this and it’s working for them, Burna Boy has featured Wizkid, Davido and Timaya have featured Buju, and everyone is doing fine.

Our comedians/skit makers are doing the same, Macaroni has featured Remote, SirBalo has featured Mark Angel and everyone is cool.

Having an unnecessary rivalry doesn’t make sense again, collaboration is the new deal. Let’s complement each other and make our shows better. A colleague I respect in this industry just told me he wants to be on my show any of these days, I reciprocated by telling him the same thing.

Drop your ego, you are not the best and even if you think you are, you don’t know everything. There will always be something someone else knows that you don’t know, stop acting as Mr-know-it-all. If your main goal is to become the best radio presenter and satisfy your listeners, you should consider the idea of collaborating with other hosts. Whether it’s a presenter on the same station or on another radio station, this collaboration will allow you to practice, learn from the other host’s experience, and take your first steps. If you already know which host or broadcaster you want to work with, make sure they share your values and have a similar target audience to yours. That way, you can pick a few of them up along the way! 

Invite me to your shows and events, I promise you I will come. Gone are the days of my C.E.O will serve me a query, let’s make them understand it’s a small world. Let’s make this year more productive and one of the best ways to achieve that is to have a good relationship with your colleagues.

Kenny Ogunmiloro is such an indelible sports guru on radio. He’s the anchor of Fresh Sports on Fresh FM 105.9 FM.

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