Ibadan Radio Websites: The State of the Media Industry

By: Israel Babalola

A website is a collection of landing pages and multimedia content that are collated under one domain. Websites are also usually hosted through web hosting services – which allow these pages and contents to be accessible on the World Wide Web.

In addition, websites can also be internal sites accessed through a secure local area network – which is the case for most corporate ‘intranets.’

Certainly, websites can be used by various bodies, such as businesses, individuals, agencies and even the government. While there’s a broad range of applications, one objective always remains the same: websites are meant to provide information to visitors or audiences (sort of an online brochure for a company or organization).

For this reason, the media industry, particularly the radio stations cannot be left out. It’s somewhat ridiculous to see how some radio stations in Ibadan think less of websites. A few of the radio stations situated in Ibadan have their own websites (unfortunately many of them lack good maintenance and proper updates) while others do not have any.

Ibadan radio stations should note that their websites are also part of what makes them a media house. Therefore, operators should properly handle their website.

A website might be different to a blog site. Blogs are a type of website. The only difference is that blogs have frequently updated contents while websites tend to be much more static and is organized into pages. Yet, information about the radio stations should be well updated.

Overtime, many Ibadan radio websites are not updated, and profiles of their staff as well as programmes remain unchanged on the website even after new shows commenced on their radio platforms.

It’s sad that many Ibadan radio websites cannot be trusted when it comes to the “About us” page on their websites, simply because they haven’t updated their present staff profiles, alongside their programmes which goes on air as required.

Unlike Ibadan, Radio stations in other cities have improved on how well they use their website to sell and promote what they do, as well as boost the confidence and morale of their On-Air-Personalities. Fans, home and abroad, can listen to live programmes and feel like they belong and they are connected to the media house via the website.

Also, it might be safe for us to conclude that the effective use of a website is a boost and a way to sell Ibadan radio platforms to the public. Radio stations need not to think less of creating and managing a good website for their platforms. All Ibadan radio stations are herby urged to run their websites smoothly and effectively with adequate information from all angles of the organization.

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