Experienced Radio Manager, Yemisi Olufade Shares Insights on Workplace Challenges

In response to the recent news of Ronke Giwa’s resignation from Vintage FM as the General Manager, Yemisi Olufade shared her insights on workplace challenges. Olufade emphasized the importance of not being judgmental without knowing the entire story, citing her personal experience as a General Manager at another station.

According to her, “I have learnt from experience not to be judgmental about cases I don’t know the entire story,” Olufade began, reflecting on her own journey. She highlighted the dedication she put into turning around a station, only to face challenges with unpaid salaries and unmet contract agreements.

Addressing the issue of leaving a position under such circumstances, Olufade pondered, “Should I have continued working there? Of course, it’s better I leave.” She shed light on the common struggle faced by GMs and staff when station owners fail to meet contractual obligations, leaving employees with tough decisions.

“The radio station owners most of the time have a big role in such issues,” Olufade stated, acknowledging the significant impact owners can have on the overall work environment. She expressed frustration about the unfair scrutiny faced by departing staff, saying, “Nobody will leave a good place of employment where both owners and staff are sane.”

Drawing from her personal philosophy, Olufade concluded, “My take from experience: I will leave a place of work where I’m not happy or fulfilled than stay because of what people will say.” Her candid response sheds light on the complexities of the broadcasting industry and the challenges faced by those in leadership roles.

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