Concerns Arise Over the Direction of Radio Broadcasting in Ibadan

In a letter addressed to the Ibadan radio broadcasting community, Lanre Manuel, CEO of Strideplus Media, expressed growing concerns about the current state of radio in the city.

Lanre Strides as fondly called spoke about a noticeable decline in linguistic proficiency among radio presenters, emphasizing the shift towards language accentuation at the expense of substance and professionalism.

The letter highlights an additional worry regarding the lack of originality in programming across various stations. The letter reads

Dear All

Iam writing to express my growing concerns about the current direction in which radio broadcasting in Ibadan is heading. Historically, the radio has been a beacon of creativity, information and education, offering its listeners a wide array of informative and engaging content. However, it appears that this esteemed tradition is being gradually abandoned in favor of content that prioritizes language accentuation over substance, professionalism, and experience.
I have observed, along with many others who share my appreciation for high -quality radio content, a noticeable decline in the linguistic proficiency of some radio presenters. While I refrain from pointing out any individuals or stations directly, this trend is disheartening for those of us who value the educational and creative potential of radio broadcasting.

Adding to this concern is the apparent lack of originality in programming across the board. It has come to my attention that there is a surprising uniformity in program titles, synopses, and scheduling among numerous stations. Examples of such programs include “GBAGEDE ORO, “Lori Papa, “Celebrity Corner” and “Rising Stars, among others. This repetition dilutes the unique value that each station could potentially offer to its listeners, ultimately diminishing the overall appeal of radio as a medium for diverse and innovative content.

This letter is a call to action for the esteemed professionals within the Ibadan radio broadcasting community. There is a pressing need to address these concerns before the rich legacy of radio in our city is irreversibly compromised. I hold the radio to a high standard, stemming from its long history of enriching our lives through education, entertainment, and information. It would be a great disservice to allow this valuable resource to become an object of ridicule or irrelevance.

I urge those within the industry to reflect on these points and consider what can be done to rejuvenate the quality and integrity of radio broadcasting in Ibadan. Together, we can ensure that radio remains a respected and cherished source of content for its listeners.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my concerns. I look forward to seeing positive changes in the near future that will restore the stature of radio broadcasting in our community. Ire o ✌️

Sincerely Yours,

Lanre Manuel
The CEO of Strideplus Media

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