Exodus in Ile-Akede as Segun Oyebode, Ademola Aremu, Deji Owotumi resign from BCOS

The Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) is witnessing a significant exodus as three seasoned broadcasters, Segun Oyebode, Ademola Aremu, and Deji Owotumi, have tendered their resignations.

Deji Owotumi, well-known as the co-anchor of Am 120 on TV and host of the Searchlight program on radio, as well as recent roles in Radio and TV News casting, has decided to part ways with BCOS. Despite his relatively short tenure of less than five years, Owotumi leaves a noticeable void in the broadcasting landscape.

Segun Oyebode, a fixture at BCOS for an impressive 22 years, has anchored the popular Sọ Dáa Mo program, produced the award-winning Breakfast Fiesta and Iwasu Nle (Great Sermon). He also played a pivotal role in Gbàràdá and he cast News in Yoruba. Oyebode bid farewell to BCOS last week Wednesday, marking the end of an era in his extensive career with the broadcasting corporation.

Ademola Aremu, popularly known as “Papa Demmy,” contributed his broadcasting prowess to BCOS for approximately 15 years as a full-time staff member and an additional decade as a freelance artist. Aremu’s distinctive presence as the anchor of Àwa wá and Yoruba news casting will undoubtedly be missed by BCOS audiences.

The sudden departure of these seasoned broadcasters has left both colleagues and viewers in shock, prompting speculation about the reasons behind the simultaneous resignations.

Meanwhile, according to information reaching PRIMUS MEDIA, more staff of the organization might be towing and path in days to come.

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