51 Radio Stations Cannot Survive In Ibadan – Amb. Farounbi

Recently, there has been a high rise in the increase of radio stations in Ibadan. This has brought about a number of challenges and benefits to our society.

The significant rise in the number of radio stations offer unique content and perspectives. The expansion however can be driven by various factors such as an advancement in technology, changes in regulatory frameworks, increased demand for diverse content, or even entrepreneurial initiatives.

There are quite a number of advantages to this proliferation, some of which include economic opportunities, specialized programming, local representation, and diverse content.

There are also some downsides to this, some of which are audience fragmentation, quality control challenges, frequency congestion, and financial sustainability.

Yes FM’s Semilore Ige spoke with a veteran broadcaster, Ambassador Yemi Faronbi on his take about the proliferation of radio stations and he had this to say;

Overall, the proliferation of radio stations plays a vital role in shaping a dynamic and inclusive media environment, reflecting and serving the diverse needs and interests of the community.

Credit: YES FM

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